NURS 6003 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

NURS 6003 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

NURS 6003 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

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It’s wonderful to see you advancing your career in nursing. Walden University appears to focus on the success of their students. I have heard wonderful things about the university from past students. After reading the University’s and School of Nursing mission and vision statements, I truly believe Walden will assist with my success as a nurse practitioner. I have heard the saying of “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Networking is a key component to get a desired position. I have obtained a couple of positions and have received offers from colleagues to shadow of precept me throughout the  program. NURS 6003 Discussion Networking Opportunities Essays With current technology we can network with individuals worldwide via the web.  (Wofford, 2018) briefly discuss social media, Facebook groups and sources such as Linked in that connect individuals with a large array of professions worldwide. I don’t tend to like this form of Networking as I’m very afraid of identity theft. However, they may offer a great service in the industry of nursing. (Schmidt,2018) elaborates how professional networking can easily be perceived as contrived and based on ulterior motives. This leads many as myself reluctant to initiate profession relationships for networking opportunity.


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RE: Discussion – Week 1


Top of Form

My Goals and Walden University’s Mission and Vision

According to Walden’s College of Nursing website, its vision is to “transform the provision of nursing services along the continuum of care and across the human life span to meet the needs of individuals and local and global communities (Walden University)”. This ambitious vision is set into action through Walden’s mission to “[seek] enhancement of critical thinking skills, abilities to select and implement evidence-based practices, and core and specialty nursing knowledge in order to transform society (Walden University).” When searching for a University to further expand my nursing knowledge and skills in order to provide the best nursing care possible, I wasn’t really sure where to start; or even exactly sure of what I was looking for. However, when I found Walden University through a mutual friend and Walden Alum, its mission and vision really hit home for me.

I should start by introducing myself. My name is Elizabeth. I was born and raised in Southern California. As a child, I did not really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I did know, however, that I wanted to help people and make a difference in people’s lives. Through the years my passion for nursing became my calling and I set out to become a critical care nurse; where I personally felt that I could make the biggest difference. As a critical care nurse for half a decade, I began to really reflect on my career in the last 5 years and realized that I had hit a point in my nursing life where I had officially navigated from “novice to expert” (Benner).  Of course, in nursing there is always learning to be done, and I do not mean “expert” in a way where I know it all and there is nothing left to learn; but more of an “expert nurse [who] no longer relies on principles, rules, or guidelines to connect situations and determine actions” (Benner). I was able to get through my shift with enough critical thinking, nursing skills, and knowledge to feel 100% confident that I was taking care of my patients in the best way possible.  I hit a point where I felt that I was ready to learn more in order to be more for my patients’ and their families.

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This was a ground-breaking moment in which for the first time in 5 years I felt lost in my career. So many different options in nursing; how would I possibly choose the right one? This is when I found Walden University and suddenly so many things became so much clearer. When I read Walden’s mission and vision which, in sum, strives “to meet the needs of individuals and local and global communities” and “transform society” through critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and specialized nursing knowledge I felt like it was calling out to me. Although I was not sure how I wanted to continue to expand my career in nursing, I knew that NURS 6003 Discussion: Networking Opportunitiesmy goal and vision for my future was to further expand my nursing knowledge through evidence-based practice in order to promote my critical thinking skills to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and communities that I am blessed to work with. Being able to accomplish all of these things in addition to mastering Walden’s MSN learning outcomes, such as “exhibit[ing] ongoing commitment to professional development and value of nursing theories/ethical principles …”, in order to transform myself and create a positive social change at the individual, community and global levels, as Walden’s mission states, would make me feel truly accomplished as a nursing professional providing care to others.

Building relationships and Networking Opportunities

In addition to gaining all of the book knowledge and expanding my critical thinking skills from my courses at Walden, it is also crucial to begin to create relationships and a “social network” that would help make my goals more attainable. According to Schmidt, “a social network can be defined as a network of social interactions and personal relationships.” Building this network and establishing these relationships early on can help make a bigger impact in the long run. For example, taking the first step to achieve my career and educational goals all started through a mutual relationship that I established in the past. A previous coworker who attended Walden several years ago that I have kept in touch with, was the one who first directed me to the university when I felt like I was at crossroads in my nursing career; not knowing which path I wanted to take. Had I not kept this relationship, I may have never found Walden and may still be in the same lost place that I was just a few months ago.

In this same fashion, many professionals discover once in a life-time opportunities that they otherwise may never have known existed, such as nursing conferences, volunteer opportunities, and even employment opportunities. As a matter of fact, “both Yale University and Cornell University …[claim] that 70% of all jobs are found through networking” (Schmidt). I look forward to further developing my networking skills at Walden and using these relationships in any way that I can in order to continue to help others and further enhance social change in a positive manner. As the old proverb goes, “there is power in numbers” and this could not be truer when it comes to building relationships and networking, especially in the health care industry.


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RE: Discussion – Week 1

You make a great point about Walden University’s commitment to promoting education world-wide. This is evidence of how much education is valued. Thanks for sharing

Dr. Harrison

NURS 6003 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

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RE: Discussion – Week 1


I was much like you when it came to wanting to further my education but not knowing where to start. My main source of help was our number one networking technique in this day and age, social media. I believe social media is very powerful and can be great when used properly. “Today is the age of social media. There is no better time to be a nurse. With access to resources and tools, at the click of a tab, social media is quickly becoming the number one resource for professional networking. It is one of the most effective ways to build alliances” (Walker, 2018, para. 2 ).  The above statement referenced by Walker, is something I am a firm believer in. I use Facebook and Instagram to build networking relationships with other nurses whom not only desire the same goals and dreams professionally but leisurely as well. A simple hashtag #WaldenUniversity or #WaldenUniversityAlumni is what I used to connect with others to see how their experience was at Walden. I believe this same networking technique could be used not only professionally by a simple hashtag of a particular hospital you are interested in but also a hashtag of maybe a subject matter that you maybe struggling with and need study resources. Many nurses vlog on Instagram and provide various study guides and tools in a fun, learning way. I am always looking for ways to build relationships with other nurses as we are our own community.


Rachel, I am very interested in learning more about your current position. A previous colleague of mine recently became a PMHNP. She is now working at a county hospital working with individuals needing detox with comorbidities. Therefore, she  has the privilege of working with several specialists on the medical floors. Needless to say she is learning a lot as a novice PMHNP. I am hoping to be able precept at that facility as I am very interested in that role. I am hoping to keep in contact with her as well as meet some of coworkers  for networking for a preceptor and learning experience. She has stated that she works in a very supportive environment. “Development of qualified faculty members and preceptors who represent the diversity of the population must be addressed  to adequately train PMNP to meet the demands of their future roles” (Kaas, 2020).

Kass, M. (2020) Will we be ready? Preparing psychiatric mental health nurses for future practice. Journal of the American Psychiatric  Nurses Association, 26(1), 112-119.