TOPIC 3 DQ 1 Select two things you learned in your coursework at GCU that helped you most with your volunteer experience

Topic 3 DQ 1

Volunteering has become a core aspect of any professional’s life and led to different positive effects on the lives of people, including my life. My coursework at the Grand Canyon University nurtured in me several skills to use as a volunteer student. These skills entailed communication and interpersonal skills, abilities to solve conflicts and interact with people from diverse environments and backgrounds, and self-awareness that increases emotional intelligence as well as use of effective leadership models like servant leadership, transformational, and participative leadership approaches (Gray & Stevenson, 2020). I learned more about social institutions and interactions during my social psychology course at the university which were instrumental in my volunteer experience and acting with kindness to enhance personal motivation as well as encouraging others. The course taught me different aspects of social cues, approaching people what body language entails in any situation. These are critical aspects of interacting with different people during the volunteering process (Schofield & Butterworth, 2018). I learned the need to be tolerant and accommodative that I used during my volunteering experience in different communities.

These learning benefited me during the volunteer experience in several ways. Firstly, they helped me understand the type of communication that I should have with different audiences at different times. secondly, they allowed me to increase my emotional intelligence such that I appreciated my strengths and was also aware of my weaknesses. Through this approach, I could attain a balance among the factors that would arise while doing the volunteer work (Ivonchyk, 2019). Thirdly, the ability to use effective leadership models is essential for any person, especially nurses in their different areas of specialty. These skills were imperative in allowing to develop a personality that resonated with my ideals and values as I provided services in these settings. The implication is that the GCU coursework prepared me adequately not just for the volunteer experience but also life after it.


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