TOPIC 1 DQ 2 Describe how a volunteer experience can enrich your future career

Topic 1 DQ 2

Volunteering entails activities of willingly helping others by offering services and even products without any intention of getting a reward in form of payment or through promotion and compensation. Volunteering offers immense opportunities for one to connect to their community and have a better understanding of the different needs that exist in such settings. According to the Grand Canyon University (GCU) students’ center online resources and website, volunteering is the lifeblood of every community with immeasurable benefits for students. Through the hard work of dedicated volunteers, including nursing students, the hungry get fed, the illiterate can learn reading and the homeless can have shelter (GCU, n.d). Imperatively, a volunteer experience can enrich one’s future career in different ways. firstly, one builds the connections which can lead to future job opportunities and career progression as well as professional development.

 Secondly, volunteering can enrich one’s career through getting or attaining new skills. These include better communication skills, people and inter-personal skills, and even competencies (Vanderstichelen et al., 2019). Nurses are at the core of health care transformation and expansion. Therefore, when they volunteer, they get to understand the different health issues that impact their communities and develop effective interventions to help them attain better care outcomes.

The Tutoring and Career Services for Online Student on the GCU website offers a host of resources that students can leverage during and after completing their study program in different ways. For example, the resources on resume help one to develop a professional resume and cover letters (GCU, n.d). Secondly, these skills can assist in developing better math, writing and note taking aspects while in school or during the program. Tutoring department also helps in future career progression through allowing one to possess effective communication skills and better approach to issues in the profession.

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