Social Issue Topics and Ideas for Academic Writing 

social issue topics

Struggling to settle on a compelling research paper topic? Exploring a contemporary social issue can lead to an interesting, meaningful, and impactful research paper. As societies continue facing pressing issues from political unrest to climate change repercussions, there are endless real-world social topics that warrant further academic investigation through research projects.

Research papers centering on a social issue allow you to conduct in-depth analyses, collect data and evidence, interpret findings, and propose solutions regarding the social problem.  This article suggests over 200 highly relevant, intriguing social issue topics across a wide range of categories for your research paper.

What Are Social Issues?

Social issues refer to problems or matters within a society that affect a significant number of people. These matters involve injustice, inequality, ethical concerns, human rights violations, conflict, and other issues that impact communities, often harmfully. Social issues tend to influence populations on a broader scale and arise from public concerns focused on challenges or problems embedded in societal institutions, cultures, and practices.

Coming up with solutions and reforms to address social issues typically requires collective social and political actions due to the systemic and widespread nature of these problems. Discussing social issues like pandemics and natural disasters aims to raise public awareness and demand positive change.

Examples of Social Issues in the US

Here are some prominent ongoing social issues in the United States:

Racial Injustice – Racism and racial discrimination persist in the US, from biased policing and police brutality against Black Americans to inequality in jobs, housing, healthcare, and education. Systems of oppression deny equal rights and opportunities.

Economic Inequality – The wealth gap between the upper and lower economic classes continues to widen. Issues like stagnant wages, poverty, hunger, and homelessness persist while top incomes grow.

Immigration – From DACA and legal protections for undocumented immigrants to asylum seekers at the southern border, immigration remains a complex issue. There are concerns over rights, detention centers, family separation, etc.

Gun Violence – Mass shootings, gun murders, and accidental gun deaths remain high in the US due to a lack of consensus on policy changes regarding the accessibility of firearms.

Women’s Rights – Despite progress, women still face gender pay gap, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, reproductive healthcare limits, and underrepresentation in government/leadership roles.

Climate Crisis – Global warming impacts from reliance on fossil fuels, pollution, arctic ice melt, wildfires, flooding, etc., threaten health, ecosystems, and future sustainability without major environmental reforms.

LGBTQ+ Rights – Although LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance have progressed, discrimination persists when it comes to transgender bathroom laws, same-sex wedding services, employment, housing, etc. Conversion therapy on minors continues in some states.

How to Write an Essay on Social Issues

Social issues essays analyze pressing problems affecting populations, often calling attention to societal inequities or systemic barriers that worsen social conditions. Follow these fundamental steps outlined further here to effectively write an essay on social issues.

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Selecting the right social issue topic is key. Focus on a contemporary, controversial issue that you are passionate about and directly impacts a significant portion of society. Ensure it is a specific, complex topic with room for debate and discussion from various perspectives.

Spend Time on Research

Conduct thorough research on your social issue from credible academic sources. Gather statistics, facts, expert opinions, and real-life examples that provide evidence to support your claims and arguments about the social issue.

Support Your Opinion with Examples

Develop a sound central argument, opinion, or position on the social issue. Support your key points by citing case studies, statistics, news events, and other real-world examples that reinforce your perspective and claims.

Keep It Simple

Use clear, concise, and accessible language in explaining the background, implications, contributing factors, and solutions around the complex social issue. Avoid academic jargon and write logically so general readers comprehend your discussion and conclusions.

Revise and Edit

Refine your first draft through edits, checking for things like sufficient evidence to support all key points, smooth transitions between ideas, proper paraphrasing, correct grammar/spelling, and an impactful conclusion restating your central argument on the social issue.

List of Social Issues for Essay Writing

Here is a detailed list of social issues that can serve as good topics for essay writing:

Interesting Social Issue Essay Topics

  1. The Rise of Gig Economy: Implications for Workers’ Rights
  2. The Intersection of Technology and Privacy Rights
  3. Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas: Bridging the Gap
  4. Social Isolation Among the Elderly Population
  5. The Role of Education in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
  6. Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry
  7. Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Sports
  8. The Impact of Urbanization on Indigenous Communities
  9. Criminal Justice Reform: Towards Restorative Justice Models
  10. The Effects of Social Media Influencers on Consumer Behavior
  11. Exploring Universal Basic Income as a Solution to Poverty
  12. The Digital Divide: Access to Technology in Underserved Communities
  13. Ethical Considerations in AI Development and Implementation
  14. The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Social Welfare
  15. The Challenges of Aging Population and Elder Care

Good Social Issue Essay Topics

  1. Promoting LGBTQ+ Rights in Conservative Societies
  2. Addressing Mental Health Needs in Prison Populations
  3. The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Communities of Color
  4. Environmental Racism: Disparities in Environmental Justice
  5. The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Addressing Poverty
  6. The Intersection of Disability Rights and Accessible Design
  7. Youth Empowerment Programs: Breaking the Cycle of Violence
  8. The Ethics of Animal Testing in Scientific Research
  9. Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers: A Global Responsibility
  10. The Challenges of Accessing Affordable Childcare
  11. Exploring the Roots of Gender-Based Violence
  12. Indigenous Rights and Land Sovereignty Movements
  13. Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Schools
  14. The Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities
  15. The Role of Art and Culture in Social Change Movements

Best Social Issue Topics

  1. Universal Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege?
  2. Promoting Gender Equality in STEM Fields
  3. Combating Food Waste and Food Security Issues
  4. The Impact of Political Polarization on Civil Discourse
  5. The Role of NGOs in Humanitarian Aid and Development
  6. Addressing Educational Disparities in Inner-City Schools
  7. The Ethics of Big Pharma: Access to Affordable Medication
  8. Restoring Trust in Media: Fighting Disinformation and Fake News
  9. The Mental Health Toll of Climate Change Anxiety
  10. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Settings
  11. The Intersection of Disability Rights and Technology Accessibility
  12. The Impact of Environmental Degradation on Indigenous Cultures
  13. The Role of Sports in Promoting Social Cohesion and Empowerment
  14. The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles: Balancing Safety and Privacy
  15. Promoting Sustainable Tourism Practices for Environmental Conservation

Social Justice Essay Topics

  1. Dismantling Structural Racism in Criminal Justice Systems
  2. The Fight for Reproductive Rights and Bodily Autonomy
  3. Indigenous Land Rights and Environmental Justice Movements
  4. Access to Affordable Housing as a Human Right
  5. LGBTQ+ Rights: Achieving Legal Recognition and Protection
  6. The Role of Intersectionality in Social Justice Advocacy
  7. Disability Rights and Accessibility: Ensuring Inclusive Communities
  8. Environmental Justice: Addressing Disparities in Pollution Exposure
  9. Advocating for Prison Reform and Rehabilitation Programs
  10. The Impact of Economic Inequality on Social Justice
  11. Immigration Reform: Pathways to Citizenship and Inclusion
  12. Promoting Gender Equity in the Workplace
  13. The Role of Allyship in Social Justice Movements
  14. The Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Preserving Cultural Heritage
  15. Fighting for Disability Rights and Accessibility in Education and Employment

Social Issues Essay Topics Related to Social Media

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health and Well-Being
  2. Addressing Cyberbullying and Online Harassment
  3. The Role of Social Media in Political Mobilization and Activism
  4. Privacy Concerns in the Age of Social Media Surveillance
  5. Social Media Addiction: Understanding and Intervention Strategies
  6. The Spread of Misinformation and Fake News on Social Media Platforms
  7. Influencer Culture: Examining its Influence on Consumer Behavior
  8. The Role of Social Media in Shaping Body Image and Self-Esteem
  9. Social Media and Youth: Navigating Digital Citizenship Challenges
  10. The Influence of Algorithms on Social Media Engagement and Content Distribution
  11. Online Radicalization: Addressing Extremism on Social Media
  12. The Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
  13. Social Media Censorship: Balancing Free Speech and Harm Prevention
  14. Exploring the Role of Social Media in Democratizing Access to Information
  15. Social Media Marketing: Ethical Considerations and Consumer Protection

Health-Related Social Issues Topics to Write About

  1. Mental Health Stigma in Communities of Color
  2. Access to Affordable Healthcare in Rural Areas
  3. The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Health Outcomes
  4. Healthcare Disparities Among LGBTQ+ Populations
  5. Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Through Harm Reduction Strategies
  6. The Importance of Preventive Care in Public Health Initiatives
  7. Maternal Mortality Rates: Racial Disparities and Solutions
  8. The Intersection of Mental Health and Homelessness
  9. Promoting Sexual Health Education and Access to Contraception
  10. The Role of Nutrition Education in Combatting Obesity
  11. Mental Health Needs Among Veterans and Service Members
  12. Exploring the Link Between Environmental Factors and Health
  13. Advocating for Universal Access to Mental Health Services
  14. The Impact of Healthcare Privatization on Vulnerable Populations
  15. Addressing the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in the Workplace

Environmental Social Issues Essay Topics

  1. The Effects of Deforestation on Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  2. Plastic Pollution: Solutions for a Sustainable Future
  3. The Role of Corporate Responsibility in Environmental Conservation
  4. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Vulnerable Communities
  5. Exploring Sustainable Agriculture Practices for Food Security
  6. Ocean Conservation: Protecting Marine Life and Habitats
  7. The Impact of Air Pollution on Public Health
  8. Environmental Justice: Advocating for Underserved Communities
  9. The Role of Renewable Energy in Mitigating Climate Change
  10. Urbanization and Its Impact on Natural Habitats and Wildlife
  11. The Ethics of Wildlife Conservation and Endangered Species Protection
  12. Promoting Sustainable Transportation Solutions for Reduced Emissions
  13. Water Scarcity: Addressing Access and Management Challenges
  14. The Effects of Climate Change on Indigenous Peoples and Cultures
  15. Environmental Education: Fostering Conservation Awareness and Action

Social Science Topics

  1. Exploring the Relationship Between Poverty and Crime Rates
  2. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
  3. Understanding Socialization Processes in Early Childhood Development
  4. The Impact of Family Structure on Child Well-Being
  5. Social Stratification and Its Effects on Life Opportunities
  6. The Sociology of Deviance: Examining Social Norms and Behaviors
  7. Exploring Cultural Differences in Communication Styles
  8. The Effects of Social Support Networks on Mental Health
  9. The Influence of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships
  10. Identity Formation in Adolescence: Cultural and Societal Influences
  11. The Sociology of Education: Inequalities in Access and Achievement
  12. Social Movements and Collective Action: Theories and Dynamics
  13. Gender Socialization: Examining Stereotypes and Expectations
  14. The Sociology of Work and Labor Markets: Trends and Challenges
  15. Understanding Social Change: Theories and Applications

Migration and Immigration Topics

  1. Refugee Integration: Challenges and Opportunities in Host Countries
  2. Immigration Policy Reform: Balancing Security and Humanitarian Concerns
  3. The Impact of Forced Migration on Mental Health and Well-Being
  4. Exploring the Effects of Immigration on Cultural Diversity
  5. The Role of Immigration in Economic Growth and Development
  6. Xenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: Addressing Root Causes
  7. The Ethics of Border Security and Immigration Enforcement
  8. Climate Refugees: Understanding Environmental Migration Patterns
  9. Immigrant Rights and Access to Social Services
  10. The Impact of Immigration on Labor Markets and Wages
  11. Immigration Detention: Human Rights Concerns and Alternatives
  12. Exploring the Effects of Brain Drain on Sending Countries
  13. Immigration and Education: Access and Equity Issues
  14. Refugee Resettlement Programs: Successes and Challenges
  15. The Intersection of Immigration and Healthcare Access

Racism Essay Topics

  1. Institutional Racism in Criminal Justice Systems
  2. The Role of White Privilege in Perpetuating Racism
  3. Colorism Within Communities of Color: Impact and Implications
  4. Addressing Microaggressions in Everyday Life
  5. Racial Disparities in Healthcare Access and Outcomes
  6. The Impact of Racism on Mental Health and Well-Being
  7. Exploring Historical Trauma and Its Effects on Generational Healing
  8. Anti-Racist Education: Strategies for Promoting Equity in Schools
  9. The Myth of Post-Racial Society: Challenging Misconceptions
  10. Environmental Racism: Disproportionate Pollution Burdens on Minority Communities
  11. The Intersectionality of Racism and Sexism: Experiences of Women of Color
  12. Racial Profiling: Balancing Security Measures and Civil Liberties
  13. The Role of Allyship in Combating Racism and Promoting Solidarity
  14. Racial Disparities in Wealth and Economic Opportunities
  15. Decolonizing Education: Incorporating Diverse Perspectives in Curriculum

LGBTQ Topic Ideas

  1. LGBTQ+ Rights and Marriage Equality: Progress and Challenges
  2. Transgender Rights: Advocacy and Legal Protections
  3. The Impact of Conversion Therapy on LGBTQ+ Mental Health
  4. Addressing LGBTQ+ Homelessness and Housing Insecurity
  5. Exploring Intersectionality Within the LGBTQ+ Community
  6. LGBTQ+ Representation in Media and Popular Culture
  7. The Role of Pride Celebrations in LGBTQ+ Visibility and Advocacy
  8. LGBTQ+ Youth: Supporting Mental Health and Well-Being
  9. Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  10. LGBTQ+ Healthcare Disparities and Access Barriers
  11. The Impact of Religious Beliefs on LGBTQ+ Rights
  12. LGBTQ+ Aging: Addressing Unique Challenges and Needs
  13. LGBTQ+ Parenting: Legal Rights and Social Stigma
  14. LGBTQ+ Immigration: Challenges and Advocacy Efforts
  15. LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness: Causes and Solutions

Peace and War Topics

  1. Conflict Resolution Strategies in International Diplomacy
  2. The Impact of Militarization on Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  3. Peacebuilding Initiatives in Post-Conflict Societies
  4. Nuclear Disarmament: Global Efforts and Challenges
  5. The Ethics of Drone Warfare and Targeted Killings
  6. Civilian Casualties in Armed Conflict: Humanitarian Concerns
  7. The Role of Nonviolent Resistance in Social Movements
  8. The Effects of War Trauma on Mental Health and Rehabilitation
  9. Exploring the Link Between Poverty and Armed Conflict
  10. Refugee Crises and Forced Displacement: Humanitarian Responses
  11. The Arms Trade and its Impact on Global Conflict Dynamics
  12. Women, Peace, and Security: Empowering Women in Conflict Zones
  13. The Role of International Organizations in Peacekeeping Operations
  14. The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Targeted Countries
  15. Preventing Genocide: Early Warning Systems and Intervention Strategies

Discrimination and Prejudice Topics

  1. Ageism in the Workplace: Challenges for Older Adults
  2. Islamophobia: Understanding and Combating Anti-Muslim Bias
  3. Ableism and Disability Discrimination: Advocating for Inclusion
  4. Xenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Global Contexts
  5. The Effects of Stigma on Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors
  6. Addressing Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Discrimination
  7. Combating Religious Discrimination and Hate Crimes
  8. The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Educational Opportunities
  9. Discrimination Based on Physical Appearance: Body Shaming and Bias
  10. The Effects of Language Discrimination on Linguistic Minorities
  11. Intersectional Discrimination: Understanding Multiple Marginalizations
  12. Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples: Historical and Contemporary Contexts
  13. Socioeconomic Disparities in Access to Healthcare Services
  14. The Role of Implicit Bias in Perpetuating Discrimination
  15. The Effects of Discrimination on Psychological Well-Being and Self-Esteem

Top Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Income Inequality and Economic Mobility
  2. The Effects of Mass Incarceration on Communities of Color
  3. Youth Homelessness: Causes, Consequences, and Interventions
  4. Mental Health Care Access and Equity
  5. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  6. Environmental Justice: Addressing Disparities in Pollution Exposure
  7. Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery and Exploitation
  8. Immigration Policy Reform and its Societal Implications
  9. Racial Disparities in Healthcare Access and Outcomes
  10. Gender Pay Gap: Causes and Solutions
  11. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies
  12. LGBTQ+ Rights and Legal Protections
  13. Gun Violence Prevention Policies and Public Health
  14. Indigenous Land Rights and Sovereignty Movements
  15. The Role of Education in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Feminism Essay Topics

  1. The Intersectionality of Feminism: Recognizing Multiple Marginalizations
  2. Reproductive Rights and Justice: Access to Abortion and Contraception
  3. Gender Wage Gap: Factors Contributing to Pay Inequality
  4. Feminist Perspectives on Body Image and Beauty Standards
  5. The Role of Men in Feminist Movements: Allies or Accomplices?
  6. Women in Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  7. Feminism and Environmental Justice: Women as Environmental Advocates
  8. Consent Culture: Educating for Sexual Violence Prevention
  9. The History of Feminist Activism and Social Change Movements
  10. Feminist Literature and Media Representation: Challenging Stereotypes
  11. Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Abuse: Prevention and Support Services
  12. Feminist Perspectives on Motherhood and Parenting
  13. Women’s Rights in the Workplace: Fighting Discrimination and Harassment
  14. Feminist Approaches to Education Reform and Gender Equity
  15. The Global Fight for Women’s Rights: Challenges and Progress

Abortion Essay Topics

  1. Reproductive Rights: Advocating for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion
  2. The Ethics of Abortion: Balancing Autonomy and Fetal Rights
  3. Abortion Stigma: Addressing Societal Attitudes and Misconceptions
  4. Parental Consent Laws and Adolescent Access to Abortion Services
  5. Abortion Access in Rural and Underserved Communities
  6. Abortion Bans and Restrictions: Impact on Women’s Health and Rights
  7. The Role of Religion in Shaping Abortion Policies and Beliefs
  8. Abortion and Mental Health: Debunking Myths and Misinformation
  9. The Impact of Abortion on Relationships and Family Dynamics
  10. Abortion Funding and Financial Barriers to Access
  11. Late-Term Abortions: Understanding the Medical and Ethical Considerations
  12. Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice: Intersectional Perspectives
  13. The Role of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Abortion Decision-Making
  14. Abortion as a Human Rights Issue: International Perspectives
  15. The Future of Abortion Access: Challenges and Strategies for Advocacy

Cultural Property Social Topics

  1. Cultural Heritage Preservation: Challenges and Strategies
  2. Indigenous Cultural Property Rights and Repatriation Efforts
  3. Cultural Appropriation in Fashion and Popular Culture
  4. The Role of Museums in Cultural Property Management and Restitution
  5. The Ethics of Cultural Property Acquisition and Collection
  6. Sacred Sites and Indigenous Spiritual Practices: Protection and Respect
  7. UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Conservation and Management Challenges
  8. Cultural Property Theft and Illicit Trafficking: Combatting the Black Market
  9. Digital Heritage Preservation: Challenges and Opportunities
  10. The Impact of Armed Conflict on Cultural Heritage Destruction
  11. Traditional Knowledge Protection: Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Communities
  12. Cultural Property Law and International Conventions: Compliance and Enforcement
  13. The Role of Technology in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Education
  14. Community-Based Approaches to Cultural Property Preservation
  15. Cultural Diplomacy: Promoting Mutual Understanding and Respect through Heritage

Illiteracy Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of Illiteracy on Economic Development and Poverty
  2. Adult Literacy Programs: Strategies for Lifelong Learning
  3. Gender Disparities in Literacy Rates: Empowering Women and Girls
  4. Illiteracy and Health Literacy: Implications for Public Health
  5. The Role of Education in Combatting Illiteracy and Social Exclusion
  6. Literacy in the Digital Age: Navigating Information Overload
  7. Illiteracy and Crime: Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration
  8. Addressing Illiteracy Among Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations
  9. The Impact of Language Barriers on Literacy Acquisition
  10. Literacy as a Human Right: Promoting Access and Equity
  11. Family Literacy Programs: Engaging Parents in Children’s Education
  12. Adult Basic Education: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
  13. The Effects of Illiteracy on Civic Participation and Democracy
  14. Community Libraries and Literacy Initiatives: Promoting Lifelong Learning
  15. Literacy and Empowerment: Stories of Personal Transformation

Violence Topics

  1. Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Strategies
  2. Gun Violence in America: Policies and Prevention Efforts
  3. The Impact of Media Violence on Aggressive Behavior
  4. Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention: Supporting Survivors
  5. Youth Violence Prevention Programs: Addressing Root Causes
  6. Gang Violence: Strategies for Intervention and Rehabilitation
  7. Cyberbullying: Understanding and Preventing Online Harassment
  8. Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Violence: Legal Responses and Community Support
  9. The Effects of War and Armed Conflict on Civilians
  10. Bullying Prevention in Schools: Creating Safe and Inclusive Environments
  11. Intimate Partner Violence Among LGBTQ+ Couples
  12. Workplace Violence: Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies
  13. The Role of Trauma-Informed Care in Violence Recovery
  14. Violent Extremism and Radicalization: Countering Recruitment and Ideologies
  15. Restorative Justice Approaches to Addressing Violence and Harm

Humanity Topics

  1. Human Rights Violations in Conflict Zones: Advocacy and Accountability
  2. Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief: Challenges and Best Practices
  3. The Ethics of Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Policies
  4. Children’s Rights: Protecting Vulnerable Populations from Exploitation
  5. Indigenous Rights and Cultural Sovereignty: Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Autonomy
  6. The Effects of Poverty on Human Dignity and Well-Being
  7. Animal Rights and Welfare: Advocacy for Ethical Treatment
  8. The Impact of Technology on Human Interaction and Relationships
  9. Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking: Prevention and Rehabilitation
  10. Global Citizenship: Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding and Cooperation
  11. Prisoner Rights and Rehabilitation: Restoring Human Dignity
  12. The Psychology of Altruism and Compassion: Understanding Human Empathy
  13. The Importance of Access to Clean Water and Sanitation for Human Health
  14. Humanitarian Crises and International Response Efforts
  15. Ethical Considerations in Humanitarian Intervention and Relief Work

Consumption and Development Topics

  1. Sustainable Development Goals: Progress and Challenges in Implementation
  2. Consumerism and Environmental Degradation: Finding Balance
  3. Fair Trade and Ethical Consumerism: Supporting Global Equity
  4. The Impact of Fast Fashion on Labor Rights and Environmental Sustainability
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility: Promoting Ethical Business Practices
  6. Green Technologies and Renewable Energy: Advancing Sustainable Development
  7. Waste Management and Recycling: Strategies for Sustainable Consumption
  8. The Effects of Consumer Culture on Mental Health and Well-Being
  9. Sustainable Urban Development: Creating Livable Cities for All
  10. The Role of Education in Fostering Sustainable Development Practices
  11. Sustainable Agriculture: Promoting Food Security and Environmental Conservation
  12. Circular Economy Models: Reducing Waste and Promoting Resource Efficiency
  13. Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel: Balancing Conservation and Recreation
  14. Access to Clean Energy: Addressing Energy Poverty and Environmental Justice
  15. The Future of Sustainable Development: Innovations and Global Partnerships

Social Issue Topics and Ideas

Selecting an impactful contemporary social issue as the focus of your essay can make for a compelling piece that brings awareness to pressing societal concerns. However, covering the multilayered aspects of complex social problems sufficiently poses challenges.

From conducting diligent research to presenting air-tight arguments to using clear, accessible language – there are several key elements that go into crafting a convincing essay exploring root causes, current impacts, and potential reforms surrounding the chosen issue.

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