RES 724 University of Phoenix qualitative research project discussion

RES 724 University of Phoenix qualitative research project discussion

RES 724 University of Phoenix qualitative research project discussion

I have been exposed to some qualitative research and its report. Before reading the

chapter you are discussing, I had already read a qualitative study report. It was on the subject of

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how to cope with stress in the office, which was the theme of the discussion. I discovered it when

I was looking online for information that would explain what a qualitative research report is and

how to create one. I can state from personal experience that they are precious since they provide

information on why something occurred or what someone did while in a particular scenario.

Additionally, they explain why something was of sufficient significance for them to include it in

their report.

Reading the report was beneficial since it taught me how to read qualitative research

information. As a result, I found it quite interesting. I utilized what I had learned from the blog

post and used it as a reference for reading the reports while doing the qualitative research

covered in this chapter. I believe this approach to reading qualitative research is quite beneficial

because one can grasp the reports and extract information pertinent to the study. This is crucial

because they will need to be able to answer questions regarding what is written later in the class

or project, and they must know what is reported to do so.

By doing a qualitative study, the researchers hoped to understand better how cancer

patients viewed the quality of their lives while undergoing treatment. They were interested in a

better understanding how these individuals felt, what they went through, and how they were able

to deal with those emotions and events. Because the researchers intended to understand the

patients’ quality of life better while undergoing active cancer treatment, they felt it vital to

conduct this study (Sibeoni et al., 2018). To do this, their research questioned patients about their

encounters and how they felt while receiving therapy.

Because the researchers desired a comprehensive and in-depth comprehension of the

patients’ lived experiences, they decided to use a qualitative research approach. They believed

this would be the most effective approach to comprehend how patients were feeling and what

they would be going through while receiving therapy. Interviews were the technique of

qualitative research that was used in this study. The researchers spoke with thirty individuals in

the midst of receiving active treatment for cancer. During therapy, the patients were polled about

their experiences and asked how they were doing.

According to the research results, patients went through a roller coaster of feelings while

being treated. The most often experienced feelings were those of dread, worry, and melancholy.

Despite this, several patients also reported experiencing feelings of optimism and hope.

According to the study’s findings, a significant number of patients were worried about the

potential for their therapy to have adverse consequences that would lower their quality of life.

They also discovered that many patients did not feel confident in their abilities to handle side

effects on their own, which caused them to depend excessively on the help of family members or

friends (Sibeoni et al., 2018). This was one of the things that contributed to the researchers’

findings. According to the researchers, these data imply that healthcare personnel must be aware

of how important it is to support these patients’ social networks and assist them in managing their

symptoms at home.

The results of this research are significant because they provide light on the experiences

had by cancer patients when they were receiving treatment. During this challenging period, the

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