PHI-413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

The weekly objective I had the most prior knowledge of was Health Assessment. I feel like my triage experience helped me with NRS-434VN. I also really enjoyed the Digital Clinical Experience Comprehensive Assessment. I had very little prior knowledge of the Nursing Research. I understood the quantitative and qualitative assignments, but it wasn’t my favorite course. I am very interested in AI (artificial intelligence) smarter devices in healthcare. I am looking forward to all the new trends in healthcare and any new technology news regarding any devices to make life better for everyone.

As a nurse from the Caribbean , I am still searching for more information that pertain health issues locally. I have no adequate knowledge “The Future of Nursing” goals. I do not understand how health issues are advanced in different states and how the state issues align to national policies.

I look forward to learn more from my instructor and students on how nursing education van be advanced to lifelong learning.

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I do not have very much knowledge on the content that will be covered during this course. In week one, I am looking forward to the personal inventory because I like to be self aware and I think that will be a great opportunity to reflect on myself and my personal values. On week two we will discuss moral status, which is something I do not have any formal training on, however, I face moral dilemmas at work daily and I have gotten better at utilizing my resources and interdisciplinary team to resolve those issues. Week three is biomedical ethics in the Christian narrative and I know very little, if anything at all on that subject, but it seems interesting to delve into. Week four is death and dying which of course I have experience with. I have also been to a few training seminars offered by my facility to help staff cope with loss and how to assist the family with grief as well. Week five is about the patient’s spiritual needs, which sounds like an assessment subject. My patients are typically open about their spiritual needs, as I live in a predominately Christian area, but I am excited to learn more about this and be able to better assist my patients with their spirituality.

Academic engagement through active participation in instructional activities related to the course objectives is paramount to your success in this course and future courses.  Through interaction with your instructor and classmates, you will explore the course material and be provided with the best opportunity for objective and competency mastery.  To begin this class, review the course objectives for each Topic, and then answer the following questions as this will help guide your instructor for course instruction. 

  1. Which weekly objectives do you have prior knowledge of and to what extent?
  2. Which weekly objectives do you have no prior knowledge of?
  3. What course-related topics would you like to discuss with your instructor and classmates?  What questions or concerns do you have about this course? 

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