The Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas 

nursing capstone project ideas

A nursing capstone project is a culminating experience that allows students to demonstrate knowledge and skills acquired throughout their nursing program. Choosing an interesting topic that aligns with personal and professional goals is critical to an engaging project. 

This article explores what a capstone entails and why it matters and lists numerous potential nursing capstone project topics across specializations.

What is a Nursing Capstone Project?

A capstone project is a large assignment nursing students take on during the final year of their program. It involves conducting independent research on a healthcare-related topic, analyzing information, and presenting findings. The nursing education project allows students to connect theory with practice by applying what they have learned.

Why Capstone Projects are Important for Nursing Students

Capstone projects enable nursing students to showcase the synthesis of competencies expected in real-world practice after graduation. Skills demonstrated include critical thinking, clinical judgment, evidence-based practice, communication, assessment, cultural competence, and leadership. The capstone prepares graduates for professional nursing responsibilities.

Difference between a Nursing Capstone Project and a Nursing Thesis

A nursing thesis involves more independent research with an original experiment designed and conducted by the student to test a hypothesis they developed. Theses pose an actual research question, while capstones analyze existing research on best practices surrounding a nursing issue.

A thesis uses primary data collection methods through surveys, interventions, interviews, or measurements to collect original data. Capstones utilize secondary datasets and literature for analysis instead of gathering new data.

Theses have a narrower focus literature review centering the novel research methodology testing an proposed hypothesis. Capstones cover a broader research landscape on established info surrounding a practice problem.

Nursing theses contribute new primary research to the overall body of knowledge. Nursing capstones demonstrate the application of current research to evaluate and recommend evidence-based nursing practices related to a healthcare challenge.

To summarize, nursing theses are more original experimental research, while capstones lean more heavily into synthesizing and translating prior research to inform optimal real-world application. Both demonstrate rigorous scholarly inquiry.

List of Capstone Projects For Nursing Students

Nursing capstone projects span various clinical focuses and issues facing the field. Below are numerous topic examples across specialty areas that students could explore as the basis for an engaging capstone project in nursing. 

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Comparison of nursing role transition programs
  2. Evidence-based fall prevention teaching project
  3. Analyzing Nurse Residency Programs
  4. Improving discharge planning practices
  5. Parent education needs assessment
  6. Effectiveness of nursing specialization transitions
  7. Encouraging nurse preceptors through motivation tactics
  8. Orientation standardization in long-term care facilities
  9. Hourly rounding implementation challenges
  10. Social media policies in healthcare
  11. Nursing competency assessment tool analysis
  12. Nursing specialization as a new graduate
  13. Strategies to improve nurse productivity rates
  14. Covid-19 impacts and innovations in nursing
  15. Nurse cyberbullying interventions

Health Promotion Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Worksite wellness programs for nurse health
  2. Stress reduction practices for pregnant women
  3. Teen vaping cessation resources
  4. Home telemonitoring for hypertension
  5. Fitness program for seniors
  6. Improving food pantry nutrition
  7. Diabetes prevention in low SES groups
  8. Asthma management literacy programs
  9. Injury awareness education for student athletes
  10. Preventing obesity and eating disorders
  11. Nutrition needs of meal program participants
  12. Dangers of opioid painkiller abuse
  13. Support groups for smoking cessation
  14. Addiction awareness and stigma reduction
  15. Preventing PTSD in sexual assault survivors

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

  1. Self-care planning for reducing nurse fatigue
  2. Nature-based therapy for burnout
  3. Effects of nurse-patient ratios on wellness
  4. Float nurses and emotional exhaustion
  5. Stigma reduction in seeking mental health treatment
  6. Assisting grieving processes after patient loss
  7. Managing work-life balance challenges
  8. Cyberbullying interventions for nurses
  9. Impact of 12-hour shifts on nurse health
  10. Secondary traumatic stress prevention
  11. Decreasing depersonalization of patients
  12. Mindfulness practices during hectic shifts
  13. Team building interventions in nursing units
  14. Role of leadership style on nurse disengagement
  15. Shift-change bedside reporting on burnout

Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

  1. PP depression screening project evaluation
  2. Analyzing support for NICU mothers
  3. Teen attitudes and education on contraception
  4. Breastfeeding basics prenatal class design
  5. Postmenopausal health and wellness needs
  6. Improving prenatal care access in rural areas
  7. Intimate partner violence education needs
  8. Barriers to cervical cancer screening
  9. Assessment of postpartum home care models
  10. Comparison of labor pain management methods
  11. Booklet on pregnancy nutrition guidelines
  12. Birthing preferences and cultural values
  13. PP body image and unrealistic expectations
  14. Support groups for infertility stresses
  15. Single mothers’ psychological health challenges

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Pain assessment tools for nonverbal children
  2. Parent resources on febrile seizures
  3. Preparing siblings for new baby arrival
  4. Teaching healthy sleep habits for kids
  5. Preventing injuries from baby walkers
  6. Analysis of recreational programs in hospitals
  7. Parenting styles impact on vaccination rates
  8. Effects of pediatric ward noise on sleep
  9. Cultural considerations in child nutrition
  10. Interventions to reduce IV insertion pain
  11. Strategies for managing difficult injections
  12. Video modeling to reduce test anxiety
  13. Physical therapy needs for disabled youth
  14. Improving literacy instruction retention
  15. Preoperative teaching models for families

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Analyzing Central Line Infection Prevention
  2. Strategies to encourage ambulation
  3. Assessing cancer patient education needs
  4. Preoperative patient optimization checklist
  5. Discharge planning in joint replacement patients
  6. Effect of music therapy on post-surgical pain
  7. Interventions to prevent unplanned extubations
  8. Protocol for missed nursing care
  9. Patient prioritization decision simulation
  10. Evaluation of pressure ulcer treatment
  11. Achieving hourly rounding compliance
  12. Family presence during CPR policy
  13. Standardizing NG tube insertion protocol
  14. Improving patient medication education
  15. Surgical site infection prevention project

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Implementation of information dashboards
  2. Training plan for EHR optimization
  3. Augmented reality uses in nursing education
  4. Telehealth program satisfaction analysis
  5. Data security practices assessment
  6. Comparison of healthcare APIs and Interoperability
  7. Natural language processing applications
  8. Virtual reality is used for patient education
  9. Inventory management system evaluation
  10. Social media guidelines for nurses
  11. Simulation effectiveness literature review
  12. Blockchain’s role in health data privacy
  13. Automation effects on nursing workflow
  14. Review of wearable devices for remote monitoring
  15. Artificial intelligence clinical decision support

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

  1. Disaster preparedness education
  2. Volunteer program proposal and evaluation
  3. Policy review and revision project
  4. Staff engagement initiatives
  5. Patient satisfaction improvement analysis
  6. Cultural competence training program
  7. Family Health Teaching project
  8. Creating patient education materials
  9. Evidence-based practice proposal
  10. Quality assurance policy assessment
  11. Process improvement using Lean Six Sigma
  12. Alarm fatigue reduction project
  13. Fall prevention education module
  14. Teaching relaxation techniques
  15. Interprofessional rounds implementation

Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on the Elderly

  1. Dementia family caregiver interventions
  2. Senior social isolation solutions
  3. Resources for grieving elderly adults
  4. Advance directive education gaps
  5. Home safety assessment tool
  6. Benefits of pet therapy in long-term care facilities
  7. Analysis of respite programs for caregivers
  8. Volunteer programs in assisted living communities
  9. Preventing polypharmacy issues
  10. Technology solutions to aging challenges
  11. Alternative treatments for chronic pain
  12. Elder abuse awareness and policy solutions
  13. Fall prevention in community seniors
  14. Improving transitional care between settings
  15. Culturally appropriate hospice care model

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

  1. Shared governance evaluation
  2. Transformational leadership training program
  3. Literature review of leadership styles
  4. Improving delegation in new nurse managers
  5. Policy analysis of overtime regulations
  6. Nursing leader orientation standardization
  7. Strategic planning for nursing shortage
  8. Succession planning best practices
  9. Cost-benefit Analysis of higher nurse wages
  10. Reducing absenteeism in nursing units
  11. Conflict management training module
  12. Effective reward and recognition programs
  13. Communication practices assessment tool
  14. Root cause analysis of high turnover
  15. Analyzing generational differences

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas 

  1. Rapid trauma assessment education
  2. Family presence during resuscitations
  3. Pediatric disaster triage app evaluation
  4. Sexual assault care protocol compliance
  5. Customer service training for better communication
  6. Decreasing violence against healthcare workers
  7. Analysis of Forensic Evidence Collection Programs
  8. Impacts of Emergency Department Overcrowding
  9. Alternatives to opioid prescribing practices
  10. Sepsis screening compliance analysis
  11. Reducing alarm fatigue in busy ER environment
  12. Improving tuberculosis screening in immigrant populations
  13. Video interpretation used in diverse communities
  14. Antibiotic stewardship challenges
  15. Transgender patient intake form revision

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Analysis of high fall risk interventions
  2. Increasing nurse compliance on fall protocols
  3. Evaluation of sensors and alarms for falls
  4. Bed exit alarms uses in memory care units
  5. Fall Prevention Tool Usability Study
  6. Improving post-fall assessment documentation
  7. Root cause analysis of unassisted bed exits
  8. Hourly rounding benefits for fall rates
  9. Family teaching on fall prevention strategies
  10. Vitamin D supplementation effects on seniors
  11. Physical therapy’s role in reducing falls
  12. Impact of medication reconciliation on the elderly
  13. Home safety evaluation checklist tool
  14. Exercise program tailored to elderly fallers
  15. Hydration improvement practices

Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on Mental Health

  1. Police crisis intervention training effects
  2. Suicide risk screening tools comparison
  3. Anxiety reduction in hospitalized patients
  4. Decreasing mental health stigmas through education
  5. Analyzing patient advocacy models
  6. Substance withdrawal protocol updates
  7. Coping skills care packages for discharge
  8. Pet therapy for mental health units
  9. Sensory modulation room proposal
  10. Music therapy effect on psychiatric medications
  11. Art therapy approaches literature analysis
  12. Peer support roles in outpatient programs
  13. Mindfulness impact on self-esteem
  14. Transition support for discharged patients
  15. Reducing physical holds/restraints

Geriatrics/Gerontology Topics and Ideas for Capstone

  1. Palliative and hospice care interventions
  2. Long-term care infection control practices
  3. Benefits of multisensory environments
  4. Responsive behaviors communication training
  5. Role of telehealth in senior communities
  6. Caregiver interventions for dementia
  7. Wandering prevention technology evaluation
  8. Volunteer programs in assisted living facilities
  9. Preventing social isolation
  10. Home safety evaluation tools and education
  11. Fall prevention in community seniors
  12. Culturally appropriate approaches
  13. Elder abuse awareness and policy solutions
  14. Memory care practices literature analysis
  15. Life review therapy programs

Good Nursing Capstone Topic Ideas

  1. Nurse residency program proposals
  2. Patient case management models
  3. Clinical competency evaluation tools
  4. Stress reduction practices for nurses
  5. Evidence-based practice implementation
  6. Healthcare alarm management solutions
  7. Cultural competence training programs
  8. Nursing theory or philosophy analysis
  9. Healthcare marketing project proposals
  10. Quality improvement process analysis
  11. Policy reviews, critiques, and revisions
  12. LEAN methodology project proposals
  13. Interprofessional collaboration strategies
  14. Literature reviews on nursing practice
  15. Evaluation of nursing best practices

Choosing Your Nursing Capstone Topic

Choosing the right nursing capstone topic is crucial when starting this extensive project. Here are some tips for selecting a meaningful, engaging, and feasible topic:

  • Consider your specialty interests, such as pediatrics, public health, oncology, etc. Exploring a clinical area you may work in can provide helpful learning.
  • Align with career goals by choosing a topic that allows you to demonstrate competencies needed for roles you target after graduation.
  • Impact potential also matters. Select an issue pressing for the field and where your project can contribute real improvements.
  • Evaluate personal areas of passion where you can deeply engage for months during the completion of this capstone.
  • Assess available resources and access to settings, populations, and data needed to explore the topic fully.
  • The scope has to align with program requirements on deliverables and time investment for the credit hours.
  • For inspiration, review past capstone papers, scholarly articles, news, and clinical experiences.

Potential Sources to Get Creative Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Relevant sources for capstone project writing include nursing news articles, peer-reviewed nursing journals, clinical rounds, past capstone papers, course materials, current issues, research gaps, clinical experiences, mentor recommendations, and personal areas of interest.

The nursing capstone project allows students to integrate competencies gained from their degree program. Choosing an engaging topic aligns with student, academic, and professional development needs for a rewarding BSN capstone project.

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