NURS 6201 Week 6 Discussion How Do You Deal With Conflict

NURS 6201 Week 6 Discussion How Do You Deal With Conflict

NURS 6201 Week 6 Discussion How Do You Deal With Conflict


Conflicts can be categorized into several groups, the main types of conflicts include:

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Interpersonal conflict refers to a conflict that arises between two people. This kind of

conflict mainly occurs due how individuals are different from one another. We have different

personalities which normally results to different choices and opinions. However, it is a normal

occurrence which can end up helping in personal growth, character or building your relationship

with people around you. Perhaps coming up with solutions is very crucial for managing this kind

of a conflict. Apparently, when interpersonal conflict becomes too destructive, involving a third

party also referred to as a mediator is advisable (Lussier, 2012).

Intrapersonal conflict is another type of conflicts, it occurs within a person. It takes place

in the individual’s mind. Hence, this type of a conflict is psychological involving the person’s

values, thoughts, emotions and principles. This kind of a conflict may come in various scales.

From major decisions making ones, like choosing a job to simpler ones such as choosing whether

or not to attend a party. This type of a conflict sometimes is very hard to deal with if you cannot

manage your inner feelings. It may lead to uneasiness and restlessness and sometimes cause

depression. The best way to deal with intrapersonal conflict is to through communicating with

other people about your conflict. However, after overcoming the situation, you may become

stronger as a person than before. Thus, experience bringing a positive change in your personal

growth (Lussier, 2012).

Another common conflict is intra group conflict, It occurs among persons in a team. The

lack of solidarity and misunderstanding among the group members results to intragroup conflict.

The main causes are disagreements due to different personalities within the group. Different

opinions or ideas among member can also result to intragroup conflict.

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