It is essential that you understand the Practicum requirements that are necessary to complete the Master of Science in Nursing. This quiz is designed to engage you with the Practicum Manual and to help you become more familiar with the Practicum Requirements. It will cover many of the essential topics related to the Practicum. However, it is important that you continue to learn more about the Practicum Requirements after this course is completed.

This quiz includes 10 questions in various format: true/false and multiple choice. If you score 8 or below, please retake the exam. You may retake the exam as many times as you would like to achieve the desired score. Your highest score will be recorded. To retake the quiz, click on “take test again” (this does not appear as a hyperlink but works as a hyperlink when you click on the area).

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nurs 6003 module 5 quiz walden

Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources. 


To Prepare:

  • Review the College of Nursing Practicum Manual found on your Walden College of Nursing Field Experience website.


Complete the quiz.

nurs 6003 module 5 quiz walden

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Question 1

10 / 10 pts

An affiliation agreement is a legal agreement required between the practicum agency and Walden.   These agreements are easily developed, are standard documents, and only require a signature. 



Question 2

10 / 10 pts

All MSN specialties require a practicum experience at some point during the educational program.



Question 3

10 / 10 pts

Onboarding requirements differ by state and can include background checks, drug tests, immunization documentation, physical examination documentation, health insurance documentation, training requirements, professional liability insurance and a copy of your RN license. 



Question 4

10 / 10 pts

Students can identify the requirements for preceptors in their program by: 

Reviewing requirements in the practicum manual 

Reviewing course descriptions on the Walden web site

Asking advanced practice colleagues in their workplace 

Asking their enrollment specialist 

Question 5

10 / 10 pts

 A list of field sites that Walden has an affiliation agreement with in in Meditrek includes guaranteed practicum sites and preceptors.



Question 6

10 / 10 pts

Information that will need to be included in the practicum application includes: 

Copy of preceptor’s state license to upload, Preceptor commitment form, Field site address and contact 

Student RN license number and state licensed, Copy of preceptor’s state license to upload, and the affiliation agreement

Preceptor commitment form, Preceptor license number and state, Field site address and administrator name 

Field site address and Federal business number, Preceptor name and license number, Student emergency contact

Question 7

10 / 10 pts

The due date for Preceptor applications is:

30 days prior to the start of the quarter that practicum will be completed

First day of the quarter before you plan to start your practicum course, which is 3 months

Last day of the quarter that starts prior to the quarter that practicum will be completed

60 days prior to the start of the quarter that practicum will be completed

Question 8

10 / 10 pts

When do preceptors complete an evaluation of student’s practicum performance?

At the end of the program

At the end of the quarter

At midterm and end of the quarter

At the beginning, midterm, and end of the quarter.

Question 9

10 / 10 pts

The best place to identify courses the require the completion of practicum hours is: 

Looking at the plan of study 

Looking at course descriptions 

Looking in the practicum manual 

Asking faculty 

Question 10

10 / 10 pts

Students can monitor the status of their preceptor application by: 

A. Closely monitoring their email from Meditrek for status updates from the Office of Field Experience

B. Logging into Meditrek and accessing their list of practicum applications

C. Contacting their student success advisor

D. a and b are correct 

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