NUR 590 Navigating the Online Environment Scavenger Hunt

NUR 513 Navigating the Online Environment Scavenger Hunt

NUR 513 Navigating the Online Environment Scavenger Hunt


Learning how to navigate the online classroom environment is essential to your academic success .

  1. Review “Navigating the Online Scavenger Hunt” and search LoudCloud to find the answers.
  2. Complete the scavenger hunt while navigating Loud Cloud

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Topic 1 Participation



online nursing essays

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Course Description


This course examines nursing theory and the role of ethics for advanced registered nurses within the Christian wor1dview and through a leadership perspective focused on improving health care outcomes. Students explore the moral/ethical responsibilities and legal and regulatory obligations of advanced registered nurses in health promotion and disease prevention. Students also review evidence-based practice (EBP) literature and the research process with application to their program of study and learn to navigate scholarly EBP literature, resources, and guidelines.








Iii Course Materials


Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession



DeNisco, S. M , & Barker, A. M. (2016 ). Advunc:ed pruc:tic:e mu s irtg: &serttiul knuwledgefur the prufessiur1( 3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Battlett Leat·ning. ISBN-13: 9781284072570

Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care



Po1ter-O Grady , T. & Malloch, K. (2018 ). Leadership in nursing practice: Changing the landscape of health care (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Battlett Leat·ning. ISBN-13: 9781284146530

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NUR-513 Course Objectives



In this course, the student will:

  1. Determine the current state of advanced specialty nursing prac tice.
  2. Examine nursing theo1y and the role, ethical responsibilities, and legal obligations of the advanced specialty nurse in health promotion and disease prevention from a Ch!istian perspective and as a leader who improves health care outcomes.
  3. Navigate GCU’s librruy and other scholarly resources of evidence-based practice (EBP) literature and guidelines.
  4. Review evidence-based practice (EBP) and the rese ru·c h process.
  5. Dete1mine avenues for role development , including identifying relevant professional organizations and professional development oppo1tunities.
nur 513 navigating the online environment scavenger hunt
NUR 513 Navigating the Online Environment Scavenger Hunt

II             Topic 1: Emerging Roles for Advanced Registered Nursing Specialties






  1. Describe the history of advanced registered nursing, including shifts in scope, role, and expectations.
  2. Discuss emerging roles for the advanced registered nurse.
  • Discuss the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for nursing education and the role of the advanced practice registered nurse in the evolving health care system.

Study Materials




Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession



Read Chapters I , 2, and 5 in Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knawledgefor the Profession .


Leadership in Nursing Practice : Changing the Landscape of Health Care



Read Chapter 2 in Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Lundscupe uf Heu/th Cure.


LoudCloud Walk to Class Tutorial



Review the tutorial. This tutorial will be used to prepru·e for the Topic I assignment.

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change , Advancing Health


Read The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health , by the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing (2011). Download the free PDF from the National Academy of Sciences website.This resource will be used to answer Topic l DQ 2.

APA Resources



Review the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style guidelines and resources located in the Student Success Center. APA fmmat is required for most assig nments, so students should become familiar with these resources to facilitate the successful completion of course assi gnments.

Discussion Forum Guidelines and Example



Review the “Discussion Forum Guidelines and Example”.

Initial Course Survey




In an effort for continuous improvement, Grand Canyon University would like you to take this opportunity to provide feedback about your experience with the university. Your participation is appreciated. Click on the link to begin the survey.

II             Tasks


Topic 1 DQ 1



Describe how the role of advanced registered nurse transformed over time. Consider shifts in scope and expectations in the 20th and 21st centuries. In what ways will the advanced registered nurse role and responsibilities continue to evolve and emerge as the American health care system changes?

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) defined Advanced practice registered to indicate master ’s-prepared nurses who provide direct clinical care. It included the roles of nurse practitioner, certified nurse–midwife, certified registered nurse anesthetist, and clinical nurse specialist. Nurse practitioners have been providing care since 1960. NP programs were developed in response to the need for providers in rural areas. Today Nurse practitioners are board-certified and practice in a variety of specialty areas and acute care

Later (2004), advanced practice nursing considers any form of nursing intervention that influences health care outcomes for individuals or populations directly or indirectly. Nurse administrators, public health nurses, and policymakers are considered advanced practice nurses although they do not provide direct care or obtain advanced practice licenses.

In 2021 any students enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs that are designed, and implemented, Competencies for Professional Nursing Education for graduates of baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. to prepare the nurses for a progressive and detailed healthcare system.

American healthcare will require nurses to be chronic disease specialists and wellness coaches.  The roles of care coordinators, nurse navigators, and healthcare coaches who have advanced degrees continue to evolve and emerge.


DeNisco, S. M. (2023). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge for the profession (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Topic 1 DQ 2




Access The Future of Nursing : Leading Change, Advancing Health. Identify the two recommendations for nursing education you believe will be most effective or radical in creating change within the indusl:!y . Provide rationale based on your experience in practice. Do you agree or disagree with how the Institute of Medicine (IOM) describes the advanced practice registered nurse role evolving. Why or why not?


Learning how to navigate the digital classroom environment is essential to your academic success. GCU’s digital classroom has many resources to help you become a successful graduate learner.


View the Student Learning Management System Tutorial as well as search the digital classroom to find answers to the questions below. You should complete the guide while navigating the digital classroom environment.


Part A: Answer Each Prompt


  1. List the items on the screen when you first enter a course.
  1. Along the left-hand menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Student Success Center.” Once in the Student Success Center, search for “Classroom Policies” and review GCU’s participation policy. What do you need to do to make sure you are properly participating in the digital classroom?
  1. View the “APA 7th Edition Tutorial,” located in the topic Resources to assist in answering this question. Once you have viewed the tutorial, navigate back to the “Student Success Center” and search for “Style Guides and Templates” to review the APA Style Guide and APA Template (without Abstract)
    1. Why do you think academic writing requires such strict formatting?
    2. If you have trouble formatting your papers, what resources can you access at GCU that will help you with it? List at least two.
  1. Under which section in the Student Success Center can you find official Microsoft Tutorials for their software products?
  1. Within the “Student Success Center,” Click on “Resources,” and then under the “Tools” heading, click on “New Student Success.” Locate “Tutorials and Webinars.” Which “Classroom Success” tutorial or webinar do you think might be most helpful for you?
  1. From the course home page, find where you can see your current grade in the course.
  1. Click on “Syllabus” from the home page in the digital classroom. What are all the different sections found in the syllabus?
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Library” from the left-hand menu. Find a time that a GCU Library Introduction webinar tour is available. Write down a time and date that one is offered.

Part B: Highlight the Correct Response

  1.  From the Resources page of the Student Success Center, which of the following is not found under the “Explore Tools” link?
  1. The Writing Center
  2. New Student Success
  3. Virtual Campus Tour
  4. Academic Excellence Center
  1. What can be found in the Class Resources?
  1. Electronic Resources and Textbook
  2. Computer, Internet, and Software
  3. Pens, Paper, and Books
  4. The Syllabus, Discussion Forum, and Student Success Center
  1. Where do you find “Announcements” for a course?
  1. On the main page of your course in the digital classroom
  2. The Calendar
  3. The Syllabus
  4. The instructor emails them to you at the start of each week.
  1. What would you do if you wanted to ask your instructor a question in which you felt your classmates could benefit from the answer as well?
  1. Send him or her a personal email
  2. Post the question in the Discussion Forum
  3. Post the question in the Announcements
  4. Post the question in the Class Questions
  1. Looking at the Forums section of your digital classroom, which sections are not listed? (Select all that apply.)
  1. Discussion Forum
  2. Class Questions
  3. Assignment Forum
  4. Private Forum
  1. Where are the weekly topic learning objectives found?
  1. On the Calendar
  2. Within the topic itself
  3. In the Gradebook
  4. Under the Classroom Policies section
  1. Where is the syllabus found?
  1. Under the Calendar tab
  2. In the Announcements
  3. On the course home page
  4. In Topic 1

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