NU-664B Week 13 Assignment 3: Updated Remediation Plan

My results at the beginning of the semester were not good, but this time I see a big improvement. Reviewing my previous remediation plan, I want to admit that my plan works. Besides following the steps that I provided in my plan, I attended office hours, watched the video that Professor Michel and  Professor Matson provided, read all required materials and was doing as many questions as I could. I stayed up to 3 AM studying and reviewing feedback.  Although repetition is important, focusing on areas that will factor more into the final grade than others is equally important.  Previously, I had a tendency of over-allocating time and energy to areas that had little to no impact on my grade.

One area that continues to be a challenge is the more technical terms, specifically the ones I’ve never encountered.  I will continue to treat these technical terms as a weakness.  I will also try to identify portions of the materials that I think will factor more into our grades.

Last, I’m making an effort to communicate with professors when I’m struggling. I want them to understand I’m doing everything I can to manage my family and career, while doing my absolute best in school.  Most professors seem to appreciate this pro-active approach.

Value: Complete/Incomplete (100 points is Complete and 0 is Incomplete)

nu-664b week 13 assignment 3: updated remediation plan

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Due: Day 7

Grading Category: Other Assignments

Revised Remediation Plan

  1. After you have completed 3Ps DRT exam, please review the feedback provided to identify your strengths as well as your areas needing improvement. Make a note of how this differs from your first 3Ps DRT exam.
  2. Once you have reviewed your results, please review your previously completed remediation plan and update it as needed. Note, your plan must contain some updates to receive credit. At the end of the remediation plan, please include a scholarly discussion that addresses the following:
    • How do your results compare to those from your first 3Ps DRT?
    • After reviewing your remediation plan, do you feel it was successful? Why or why not?
    • What strategies will you continue to use?
    • What new strategies will you implement in your updated remediation plan?

Once completed, please upload your revised remediation plan to the Dropbox. In order to receive completion credit, your plan must show revision and all assignment prompts must be addressed.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

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  3. Select Save Changes.

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