NRS 493 Topic 1 Capstone Change Project Topics GCU

Capstone Change Projects Topics

Patient safety and quality care are paramount issues when addressing patient care in any healthcare setting globally. Having undergone rigorous training in nursing institutions, nurses are tasked with a major role of providing holistic care irrespective of the patient status or healthcare environment. Reducing the cost of care, advancing patient events, and errors while improving health outcomes requires performing a needs assessment. As a requirement of my BSN program to complete the capstone change projects, I performed a needs assessment of my community with my preceptor.

My preceptor was supportive and offered me optimum guidance regarding the capstone change project. We identified gaps in healthcare and proposed solutions to them. After a lengthy conversation that focused on assessing the needs of the community, we came up with various topics that could influence care in the hospital and around the community. However, after in-depth contemplation, we settled on four major topics that we felt needed to be addressed to improve population health. These topics ranged from health promotion, intervention, diagnosis, and management issues. This current paper aims to provide a summary of the four topics which are potential for this capstone change project.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a critical issue in that nurses can effectively take part. Addressing fall prevention is important due to the potential health effects and economic burden related to falls. Falls are a common health hazard that can occur either at home or in the hospital. Both environmental and personal factors contribute to falls.

Nursing Burnout

Burnout syndrome is a common phenomenon among healthcare workers.  Nursing shortage and increased workload are among the many causes of burnout. Burnout negatively affects the psychological well-being of healthcare workers as well as compromises the quality of care and safety of patients due to the increased risk of errors. Reducing burnout requires self and organizational interventions which require the input of nurses for success.

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Medication Errors

Medication errors can occur at any stage of medication handling from distribution to administration. During administration, medication errors can be regarded as either giving overdose, underdose, wrong medication, wrong route, or wrong time. Consequently, patients may suffer from adverse effects of medication which can negatively affect health outcomes.

The Role of Prevention Education on Communicable Diseases.

Communicable diseases often spread rapidly from one individual to the other through either direct or indirect contact with the disease-causing micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Because communicable diseases spread rapidly, pandemics can affect an entire population resulting in mortality and morbidity as well as increasing cost of care. Despite being harmful, prevention of communicable diseases is often possible and easy. Nurses can offer preventive education that focuses on enlightening the population about effective measures of prevention.

NRS 493 Topic 1 Capstone Change Project Topics GCU

Work with your preceptor to perform a needs assessment of the organization and community for your practicum. Review the needs assessment to identify possible project topics. In preparation for the capstone change project proposal, compile a list of three to five possible topics for your project and submit to the assignment instructor in LoudCloud.

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