NRS 451V Week 5 Discussion Question 1

NRS 451V Week 5 Discussion Question 1

NRS 451V Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Topic 5 DQ 1

How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the reengineering of health care?

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Nurse leaders are responsible for staying educated and informed on the latest evidence-based practices. They can implement and evaluate their effectiveness and influence change in policies and procedures. Patient safety and outcomes should be the main focus amongst all the staff members in the organization. The main focus of the leader should be toward the quality of delivery of care, while balancing other areas of management, such as productivity. Leaders should also be up to date on the latest policies and procedures of the organization. They have the ability to share ideas about current practices that are effective, in order to assist with modifying or making changes to current policies or procedures. Nurse leaders are in the position to influence changes in legislation as well. Nurse leaders can participate as members in professional nursing organizations to stay up to date on the latest practices, and/or changes in legislation. “Clinical inquiry is the combination of quality improvement, research, and evidence-based practices, which nurse leaders use to ensure that patients are receiving quality patient-centered care (Helbig, 2018).”

Nurse leaders must also consider the organization’s mission statement and values, and identify which staff members are not practicing behaviors that align with them. They must be able to do what is not always easy, such as address issues amongst staff members as well as with patients.


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As you stated it is definitely necessary that nurse leaders stay educated and informed on the latest evidence-based practices. Nurse managers and nurse leaders contribute to the reengineering of healthcare through two steps delegation and evaluation. Delegation is the act of appointing someone to carry out the task. In 2015 the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) “convened two panels of experts representing education, research, and practice, and the goal for the guidelines from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to facilitate and standardize the nursing delegation process (National Council of State Boards of Nursing., 2016). The objective of developing panels is to understand the evidence-based standards for delegation in nursing and recognize the difference between delegation and assignment and define the responsibilities of each level of nursing in healthcare. The five rights of the delegation also included the right task, right circumstances, right person, right direction & communication, and right supervision & evaluation.

Evaluation is the systemic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance”(Rojas & Laidlaw, n.d., para 1). It is a responsibility of a nurse manager or a leader to evaluate the performance and find a responsible person to delegate the task and evaluate the assignment for the desired goal or to check the work performance to meet the standard of nursing. Public protection with the recognition of tasks, the patient needs, communication-related to the delegation process, delegation competency level mastery, training and education, and two-way communication is necessary to achieve successful results.


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