NRS-451 Topic 2 DQ 1

I agree cultural awareness and emotional awareness can go hand in hand. As we get to understand ourselves better, we can relate to people from different cultural backgrounds more effectively. As a result, there is less intercultural conflict and more cultural connectedness. While emotional awareness enables us to make wiser decisions and our presumptions and biases are liberated. Being very self-aware is said to improve decision-making, team effectiveness, and true leadership (Carden, Jones & Passmore, 2022). What are some examples that you have utilized in the nursing practice to become more emotionally aware with your interactions? An example I usually do is taking the time to observe how I feel going into certain situations. 

Carden, J., Jones, R. J., & Passmore, J. (2022). Defining Self-Awareness in the Context of Adult Development: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Management Education, 46(1), 140–177.

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