NR 602 Week 8 Reflection

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Nursing is one of the dynamic profession where practitioners require continuous learning to address the ever-changing needs of patients. Regardless of the selected nursing specialty, I have come to realize that the profession is built on a foundation of knowledge and skills acquired through the masters of nursing program and beyond. Based on this assertion, there are skills and attitude which an MSN nurse practitioner in this 21st century need to possess to offer effective services to patients.

Throughout the weeks’ discussions, I have learned that MSN nurses should be able to use advanced nurse theory as a guide for decisions on patient care. To be specific, I have found systems theory and complexity science models as a key impetus that nurses can utilize when confronted with complex conditions of patient care (Trautman et al., 2018). The theories allow nurses to have a picture of the prevailing conditions of patients which then allows them to provide responsive intervention to different ailments in order to optimize quality outcomes for patients.

Other than the use of theories, collaboration with nurses and other health cadres emerge as an essential skill that MSN nurse practitioner should take into account as a way to promote patient care. The use of a collaborative practice model enhances teamwork which guarantees shared knowledge among health practitioners (Kim et al., 2018). Throughout my practice, there is satisfactory evidence that collaboration promotes responsive care and enhances accountability among health teams. MSN nurse practitioners should therefore incorporate the ideas of all members constituting a healthcare team if optimization of patient outcomes is a priority during practice (Pype et al., 2018). Besides, with the dynamics in the healthcare landscape, transformative models of care involving the use of technology and other aspects of advanced practice need to be incorporated into the models of care for patients. Nurses should therefore be responsive to changes brought by the adoption of new technology as well as suggest alternative options that can enhance quality care to patients.

While MSN nurse practitioners may boast about advanced skills acquired through learning, their urge for knowledge should remain limitless. Nurses remain integral professionals who spend the most time with patients and therefore they should be ready to tackle medical complications presented to them (Trautman et al., 2018). This is to say that MSN nurses should seek additional certification to acquire specialty skills in CPR, pharmacology, and emergency or critical care as a way to raise their standards of practice. The approach enables patients to develop trust and confidence in them during care.

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In this week’s reflection, MSN nurse practitioners should possess critical skills in adopting current evidence-based practices that guarantee safe care to at risk-patients. Implementing the practices enables these advanced practitioners to serve as role models which junior nurses can emulate for future practice (Pype et al., 2018). However, MSN nurse practitioners should advocate for a suitable work culture that permits the adoption of the current evidence-based practice in patient care. In other words, nurses should not be in the forefront to resist change regardless of how it might appear complex to their present line of practice.

In so far, MSN nurse practitioners serve as the change agents in the organization of care. Based on this premise, I have realized that these nurses must possess sufficient leadership skills that will permit the adoption of various practice models in a given health setting. A key concept of leadership that the nurses should take into account involves effective communication not only with health care team but also with patients in a hospital. In my line of practice, I have identified effective communication as a strategy that enhances clarity in the dissemination of patient information and minimizes potential errors during nursing practice (Kim et al., 2018). Effective leadership skills also allow MSN practitioners to address workplace incivility and foster a positive work environment to stimulate the morale of new graduate nurses in a given health establishment. In other words, leadership skills provide MSN nurses with attitudes to serve as a guide to other nurses and promote a healthy work environment that inspires the health care team involved in patient management.

The aforementioned skills and attitude serve as a guide for MSN practicing nurses who wish to excel in the contemporary care of patients where cases may appear more complex than ever. My future role will be to emulate these skills and explore possible opportunities through additional training so that I can be at the top of the game in patient care. In order to achieve this, I will take part in continuous development programs and take a lead role in implementing evidence-based practice that supports optimal care to patients.


Kim, K. J., Yoo, M. S., & Seo, E. J. (2018). Exploring the influence of nursing work environment and patient safety culture on missed nursing care in Korea. Asian Nursing Research12(2), 121-126.

Pype, P., Mertens, F., Helewaut, F., & Krystallidou, D. (2018). Healthcare teams as complex adaptive systems: Understanding team behaviour through team members’ perception of interpersonal interaction. BMC Health Services Research, 18(1), 570.

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Over the past eight weeks, the curriculum in this class, the instructor, my classmates, and my clinical preceptor have all taught me many things. This course has prepared me to meet the MSN program outcome #6, the MSN Essential VII, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 8 in many ways.

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Title: NR 602 Week 8 Reflection

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NR 602 Week 8 Reflection

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NR 602 Week 8 Reflection

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NR 602 Week 8 Reflection

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