NR 503 WEEK 4 Midterm Quiz CHAMBERLAIN

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A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NR 503 WEEK 4 Midterm Quiz CHAMBERLAIN

Title: NR 503 WEEK 4 Midterm Quiz CHAMBERLAIN

Hi Class, 

The topic chosen for this discussion forum is Campaign for Action, which focuses on goal and impact. To achieve health equity, it is essential to integrate perspectives of the various professions and industries to understand the gaps in care (Fostering Interprofessional Collaboration, n.d.). By understanding the different perspectives, health professionals can gain a better understanding of the issues and identify potential solutions. This will help us to develop more comprehensive strategies to address health disparities and create equitable access to healthcare services.

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In epidemiology it is important to foster collaboration as diseases and patient outcomes should be tracked to ensure patient safety, improved quality of care and collaborative care across the health continuum. Research conducted over the past four weeks for this course illustrates the need for coalition in health care. Through the New Jersey Action Coalition, which was formed in 2011, nurses will be embedded and engaged within existing community projects to promote healthier communities, well-being, and equity (New Jersey Action Coalition – Campaign for Action, n.d.). The Coalition’s goal is to provide nurses with the resources needed to become effective advocates for public health. This strategy will assist to educate the public about health disparities and the need for lifestyle changes to improve the quality of life.


Fostering interprofessional collaboration. (n.d.). Campaign for Action. to an external site.

New jersey action coalition – campaign for action. (n.d.). Campaign for Action.

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