NR 442 Week 6 ELO interactive exercise epidemiology

NR 442 Week 6 ELO interactive exercise epidemiology

NR 442 Week 6 ELO interactive exercise epidemiology

Unfolding Case Study: Seymour Jones: Mr. Jones is a 69-year-old who was discharged from the hospital yesterday following a short hospitalization to treat a leg ulcer that became increasingly worse (increased pain and inflammation) over a two-week period prior to admission. In addition, he has a diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF) and diabetes. Mr. Jones lives alone in a senior citizens’ high-rise.

NR 442 Week 5 ELO: Community Violence

The purpose of this experience is to identify the role of community health nurse in the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of violence.

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NR 442 Week 6 ELO: Interactive Exercise – Epidemiology
  1. Define epidemiology.
  2. There are two principal types of epidemiology: (1) analytic epidemiology and (2) descriptive epidemiology. Describe each.
  3. Explain the epidemiological triangle model of agent-host-environment, Wheel Model and the web of causation model.
  4. Describe the concept of risk.
  5. How do you calculate rates?
  6. Morbidity rates refer to rates of illness in a defined population. The two primary morbidity rates are incidence rates and prevalence rates. Describe each.
  7. Rates of disease can be calculated to determine risk. Describe attributable risk and relative risk.
  8. Primary prevention relies on epidemiological information to indicate those behaviors that are protective (and thus will not contribute to an increase in disease) and those that are associated with risk. Describe and provide 2 examples of primary prevention, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies.

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