NR 340 HESI Final Exam 2019/2020 Graded A 1. While assessing a client with diabetes mellitus, the nurse observes an absence of hair growth on theclient’s legs. What additional assessment provides further data to support this finding? a. Palpate for the presence of femoral pulses bilaterally. b. Assess for the presence of a positive Homan’s sign. c. Observe the appearance of the skin on the client’s legs. d. Watch the client’s posture and balance during ambulation. CORRECT ANSWER: C 2. The healthcare provider prescribes 15 mg/kg of Streptomycin for an infant weighing 4 pounds. Thedrug is diluted in 25 ml of D5W to run over 8 hours. How much Streptomycin will the infant receive? a. 9 mg. b. 18 mg. c. 27 mg. d. 36 mg. CORRECT ANSWER: C 3. In assessing a client with preeclampsia who is receiving magnesium sulfate, the nurse determines that her deep tendon reflexes are 1+; respiratory rate is 12 breaths/minute; urinary output is 90 ml in 4 hours; magnesium sulfate level is 9 mg/dl. Based on these findings, what intervention should the nurse implement? a. Continue the magnesium sulfate infusion as prescribed. b. Decrease the magnesium sulfate infusion by one-half. c. Stop the magnesium sulfate infusion immediately. d. Administer calcium gluconate immediately. CORRECT ANSWER: C 4. A client is on a mechanical ventilator. Which client response indicates that the neuromuscularblocker tubocurarine chloride (Tubarine) is effective? a. The client’s expremities are paralyzed. b. The pe

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