HLT 306V Topic 3 DQ 1

HLT 306V Topic 3 DQ 1

Discuss a patient of another culture. How can the health care professional communicate in presenting patient education? Consider language, family, cultural differences, and method of communication.

Culture within groups consists of beliefs, values, moral norms and practices that are learned and shared. Cultural aspects include language, traditions, beliefs on health issues, customs and aspects that distinguish one culture from another (Kaihlanen et al., 2019). Cultural differences between healthcare providers and patients can have critical barriers to effective care provision, especially when providing patient education. The lack of cultural competence affects the ability of the providers and patients to ignore their cultural perspectives on health issues and education (Brooks et al., 2019). Communication issues emanate due to language barriers, methods of communication and the inherent cultural differences and aspects that impact overall passage of information.

A recent encounter involved a patient of Hispanic culture who had limited understanding of English since he immigrated few years ago in the United States. The patient presented with comorbidities; obesity and diabetes. Providing education to the patient on the ways to deal with the two conditions was not easy because of the cultural attitudes and perceptions about obesity (White et al., 2019). The interaction entailed giving a comprehensive assessment of the comorbidities and developing a plan of care that comprised of self-care management interventions to improve blood sugar levels. However, language barrier was prevalent as the patient could not understand some of the interventions that I proposed. The previous provider offered information in English without any effort to translate it so that he could understand.

Presentation of information to patients requires effective analysis of cultural sensitive ways to attain better outcomes. while the patient was eager to implement some of the recommendations that I proposed, he failed to understand why the information could not be translated into Spanish for effective delivery. The implication is that as providers, nurses and physicians must develop cultural competence to enhance delivery of patient information and reduce existing communication barriers in the long-term.

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