HCA 240 Week 4 Assignment Blood Disorders

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Assignment: Blood Disorders

• Resources: Ch. 8 of Human Diseases, the WebMD® Web site at http://www.webmd.com,
and the drkoop® Web site at http://www.drkoop.com
• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Read each of the following three scenarios:
o Amy, a 4-year-old Caucasian female, has been complaining of being tired all the

time. She is pale and a picky eater. Her mother is a single mom with a small budget
to feed a large family. Amy only eats pasta, breads, and hot dogs, and drinks only
artificial fruit punch.
o Marcus is a 5-year-old African-American male who has just moved to New York City,
and is visiting his new pediatrician for a kindergarten physical. His mom tells the
nurse that she carries the “trait” and wants Marcus screened for it.
o Richard has noted over the past several weeks that he is having more bruises, or
ecchymosis, all over his body. After coughing this morning, he noticed tiny red marks
all around his eyes.

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Course Syllabus Page 18

• Use Ch. 8 of the text to identify the blood disorder each of the three patients are at risk
for. Base your identifications upon symptoms, lifestyle, or family history.
• Visit the WebMD® and drkoop® Web sites to research each of the three blood disorders.
Each site has a search bar to help target your research. Use one additional Internet
source for a total of three sources.
• Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper in APA format that gives details about each of the three
• Include a description of the cause of the disorder, how it can be diagnosed, what can be
done to treat it, and how to prevent it in the future.
• Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: HCA 240 Week 4 Assignment Blood Disorders

Title: HCA 240 Week 4 Assignment Blood Disorders

The plan for a 56-year-old man with newly diagnosed stage I hypertension would focus on sustainable lifestyle modification. Since the patient has a demanding job, he may not be able to engage in regular moderate-to-high intense physical exercises (Valenzuela et al., 2021).

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Therefore, I would encourage him to be mobile at work, such as using the stairs instead of lifts and taking more steps during his breaks. In addition, he can engage in moderate-vigorous physical activities like jogging, brisk walking, running, skipping, and strength training exercises on his day off.

The patient frequently eats at restaurants due to his job. I would counsel him to order healthy foods and avoid junk foods. For instance, he can order whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and eggs and avoid processed foods and foods with artificially added sugars (Valenzuela et al., 2021). Furthermore, I would encourage the client to substitute caffeine, sodas, and fruit juices with water.

I would also encourage the patient to gradually reduce cigarette smoking by decreasing the number of cigars he smokes daily. This will help in gradually achieving smoking cessation, which improves BP and prevents HTN complications like strokes and diabetes (Fu et al., 2020). Besides, I would encourage him to gradually lower alcohol consumption to half a glass of martinis 2-3 days a week and add water to the martinis.

The patient’s risk factors for hypertension are being overweight, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption. I would recommend increased physical activity like walking to work, being mobile, and adopting healthier dietary habits like reducing intake of high-caloric and high-sodium foods (Fu et al., 2020). This will promote weight loss and improve BP. Cigarette smoking will be addressed by gradually reducing the number of cigars daily since abrupt cessation may be impossible. Alcohol consumption would be modified by reducing the amount of martini taken per day and the number of days the patient drinks.


Fu, J., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Zhou, L., Li, D., Quan, H., … & Zhao, Y. (2020). Nonpharmacologic interventions for reducing blood pressure in adults with prehypertension to established hypertension. Journal of the American Heart Association9(19), e016804. https://doi.org/10.1161/JAHA.120.016804

Valenzuela, P. L., Carrera-Bastos, P., Gálvez, B. G., Ruiz-Hurtado, G., Ordovas, J. M., Ruilope, L. M., & Lucia, A. (2021). Lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Nature Reviews Cardiology18(4), 251-275. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41569-020-00437-9

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