HCA 205 Week 3 Quiz

HCA 205 Week 3 Quiz

HCA 205 Week 3 Quiz

Match the corresponding definition to the term

Allopathic care

Another well thought out post.  I agree with some of your critical issues that you list.  I strongly agree with and appreciate Trent Davis’ response.  I think that there is a great concern over sharing patient information.  This concern can be healthy. However, as Trent explained, providers can share information with other providers regarding patient information when the continuum of care makes it necessary.  I believe that a lot of healthcare workers need a better understanding of the HIPAA. This understanding could eliminate unnecessary wait time or delay in treatment.

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Making healthcare mandatory is another hot subject.  This is a huge legal issue.  Some say that making healthcare mandatory takes away the rights and choices of people.  However there have been many people that have benefited from this mandate.  Due to this requirement insurance companies have had to restructure many of their plans.  This has allowed a huge group of individuals the opportunity to obtain insurance for the first time in their lives.  It is definitely a critical issue with today’s healthcare system.

Who is the target client? I believe the target client in integrated care is adults and children. Although the largest integrated care delivery system is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

What do professionals work within this mode? Since this is a collaborative approach to improve health it would likely have the following:

  • Physicians
  • Nursing teams
  • Clinical case coordinators
  • Office staff
  • Sub-Specialists
  • Social Worker

What does this mode offer in terms of care? In terms of care, the integrative care believes in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms they come in with.

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What are the expected outcomes? The expected outcome is to improve a patient’s overall mental and physical health.


  • “Because integrative health care is inherently collaborative, it presents dangers of kickbacks and fee-splitting, as well as prohibited self-referral. If Medicare- or Medicaid- reimbursed services are provided, then the integrative healthcare practitioner must consider federal law (i.e., Stark and federal anti-kickback law) as well as state law prohibitions against self-referral, kickbacks, and fee-splitting. If federal law does not apply, then state law still does.”

They need to understand privacy and security issues in a medical setting. They need to have the following to be compliant with the law: HIPAA obligations include:

  • Appoint a Privacy Officer
  • Appoint a Security Officer
  • Have a Privacy & Security Manual that is specific to your healthcare facility or institution.
  • The Manual should include Privacy and Security policies, procedures, and forms.
  • Ensure that all staff have HIPAA training
  • Perform a security risk assessment and address security vulnerabilities


“Current reimbursement policies for providers providing physical and behavioral health care services on the same day are complicated and the policies create a barrier to the seamless integration of these services for the well-being of the patient” They is a study done and a lot of integrated care sites reported not billing for behavioral health services and providers had concerns regarding regulatory coding and auditing practices for specific services. What would this mean in the long for patients if the billing not done correctly or provider concerns about service of the model.


  • Can run into an ethical issues when a social workers with a patient in an integrated health care setting here a few examaples:
  • informed consent
  • privacy, confidentiality
  • boundaries
  • dual relationships
  • conflicts of interest


  •  integrated care model is a big part of social health care since it center on the care and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.


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