HCA 205 Entire Course Recent

HCA 205 Entire Course Recent

HCA 205 Entire Course Recent

HCA 205 Week 1 Discussion 1 What’s Bothering Trevor

What I understand from the simulation about the issues and concerns from each of the stakeholder perspective  is that:

The patient, Trevor, has lost his job, and this caused him to lose his health insurance. Since Trevor has no cash to put up front to be seen by his PCP or by a caregiver at the urgent care, I think the best option for him is to go to the ER because there, he will get the care that he needs and he will be bill later. Also, he would have ended up at the ER even if he had some cash to pay up front because of the Heart attack. Most PCP would send patients experiencing heart attacks to the ER so they can be seen and monitored by specialists until they get discharged. This option would be way more expensive because not only Trevor will spend money at his PCP office, he will also get billed by the hospital.

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By not purchasing his medications, Trevor is not complying with his treatment plant, which makes the situation more complicated because not only he is stopping the evolution of his care plant, but also, he is putting himself more at risks of having another heart attack.

Trevor’s wife should take him to the ER as soon as possible because the ER is open 24/7 and the nurses do the triage to find out who needs immediate care and who can be seen later. With the symptoms that Trevor is experiencing, he will be clear that his case is very serious, and that he needs immediate medical attention.

About Quality care, I think the physician should have spent a few minutes with Trevor just to talk about Trevor’s medical conditions and answer any questions Trevor might have. The physician should also encourage his patient and make him understand his role in the care team.


Batnitzky, A., Hayes, D., & Vinall, P.E. (2018). The U.S. healthcare system: An introduction [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/Links to an external site.

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HCA 205 Week 2 Discussion 1 Reimbursement Debate

HCA 205 Week 2 Discussion 2 A Day in the Life

Manage Discussion Entry

  1. Dental Hygienists.

Dental hygienists are licensed medical practitioners who work closely with dentists and dental assistants in a dentists’ office (Chapter 4, N.d.). Primarily, hygienists work to examine patients for the presence of oral diseases. This situation enables them to provide ailing patients with preventive care to allow them to exude optimum oral health (Chapter 4, N.d.). Also, they educate their patients about the methods that they can use to maintain or improve their oral health (Chapter 4, N.d.).

  1. Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW).

These individuals are licensed clinical social workers are who work in diverse setups including hospitals, mental health clinics, private practice, schools, and social service (Chapter 4, N.d.). Primarily, they provide a wide array of health services to people experiencing trauma and life challenges such as child adoption or terminal illness at every stage of their ordeal (Chapter 4, N.d.). Also, they work to support vulnerable societal groups including children, geriatrics, disabled persons, and the homeless by ensuring they have access to critical necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and security (Chapter 4, N.d.).

Dental hygienists often begin a typical day by examining their scheduled patient charts to ascertain the necessary preventive treatment for different patients. After that, they proceed to meet with the rest of the staff to brief them on the help that they might need to ensure the day runs well and that patients receive a high quality of care. Afterward, they then set up their treatment rooms to ensure that they have all the resources they need for the adequate treatment of their patients. In running their day, critical issues may arise when dental hygienists confront a patient who refuses to take an x-ray for fear of the potential harm the radiation poses to their health. Also, they may encounter a crisis when their patients in exercising their autonomy choose a treatment option that threatens to impede their long-term wellness.

In regards to LCSW, they often begin their day with a staff meeting to get insight on their roles for the day. After that, they proceed to meet with their patients in their diverse settings to offer continual help in dealing with their social problems. Moreover, they may also provide diagnosis and treatment services to patients who exude severe emotional or mental issues to help them cope with their predicaments. In running their day, the primary critical issue that LCSW may face includes a lack of ready access to assist in dealing with strife especially amongst patients in rural areas. Also, they may encounter problems in maintaining patient confidentiality in situations where the problem under treatment is out of their scope. This situation may impede their efforts to form trusting relations with their patients.

Chapter 4. (N.d.). Healthcare Personnel.

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HCA 205 Week 5 Discussion 1 PPACA and Your Take-Away

HCA 205 Week 5 Final Presentation

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☐ APA paper template (located in the Student Success Center/Writing Center) is utilized for the correct format of the paper. APA style is applied, and format is correct throughout.

☐The title page is present. APA format is applied correctly. There are no errors.

☐ The introduction is present. APA format is applied correctly. There are no errors.

☐ Topic is well defined.

☐ Strong thesis statement is included in the introduction of the paper.

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☐ Paragraph development: Each paragraph has an introductory statement, two or three sentences as the body of the paragraph, and a transition sentence to facilitate the flow of information. The sections of the main body are organized to reflect the main points of the author. APA format is applied correctly. There are no errors.

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☐ All sources are cited. APA style and format are correctly applied and are free from error.

☐ Sources are completely and correctly documented on a References page, as appropriate to assignment and APA style, and format is free of error.

Scholarly Resources:Scholarly resources are written with a focus on a specific subject discipline and usually written by an expert in the same subject field. Scholarly resources are written for an academic audience.

Examples of Scholarly Resources include:Academic journals, books written by experts in a field, and formally published encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Peer-Reviewed Journals:Peer-reviewed journals are evaluated prior to publication by experts in the journal’s subject discipline. This process ensures that the articles published within the journal are academically rigorous and meet the required expectations of an article in that subject discipline.

Empirical Journal Article: This type of scholarly resource is a subset of scholarly articles that reports the original finding of an observational or experimental research study. Common aspects found within an empirical article include: literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.

Adapted from “Evaluating Resources: Defining Scholarly Resources,” located in Research Guides in the GCU Library.

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