CWV 101 Basic Components of Worldview

Sample Answer for CWV 101 Basic Components of Worldview Included After Question

Be sure you answer both Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment before submitting.

Part 1: Core Worldview Beliefs

Based on the basic components of worldview presented in Chapter 2 and the topic overview, write a response to each of the six questions that form the basic components of your own core worldview beliefs. Respond to the questions about your own beliefs in your own words, and not necessarily what you think the Christian worldview believes. Keep this document intact and only add your answers in the box under each question.

  1. What is your belief about the nature of ultimate reality? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

I belief there is one real GOD that exist. I understand at times due to outcomes that take place we may doubt his presence. My faith branches from my background as a Christian beginning in my early childhood. Through the many trials we face, I believe God will direct us towards the appropriate path.
  • What is your belief about the nature of the universe? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

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I belief that the nature of the world outspreads well beyond the physical, material, and spiritual levels. I am inspired by God’s work of creation. God is guiding us and putting seeds in our hearts. God sees us, he hears us, and he answers our prayers. This life is hard, but the Lord makes us stronger. 
  • What is your belief about human nature and the afterlife? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

I believe in the separation of the soul from the body. I believe there is heaven and there is hell. I believe in life after death and people will stand before God for judgement.
  • What are the three worldview (atheism, pantheism, theism) beliefs about the nature of knowledge? Which one best fits your belief? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

Atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. Pantheism is a belief that associates God with the forces of the universe. Theism is the belief of one God viewed as the creator of humans and the world. I feel theism best fits my belief. I believe God created the heavens and earth. I talk to God and belief he’s listening. My faith in God is what helps me through the troubled times and praise him for the good times.
  • What is your basis for determining moral right from moral wrong? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

My basis for determining moral right is acts that are allowed. These actions would show integrity, ethical value and simply listening to our own conscious. Morally wrong acts I would describe as acts one ought not to do. Moral standards are values that are used to determine reasonable, correct, or acceptable.
  • What is your belief about human purpose? Why?

Your answer in two to three sentences:

My belief about human purpose is we have a purpose in life to evolve. We should continue to learn and grow. I belief we have a purpose to get to know God, to hear his voice and trust his love. We should life by God’s grace through faith. These allows us to do as God has prepared for us to do.

Part 2: Evaluation

  1. Your answers to the questions in Part 1 form the basis of your worldview. Now that you have articulated your worldview, evaluate it according to the practical test described in Chapter 2 of the textbook and the topic overview. Which of the three worldviews most closely matches your core beliefs as you answered in Part 1? Does your worldview pass the practical test for livability? Why or why not? Provide a clear explanation of the workability and practical value in the most important areas of life and experience.

Your answer in 200-300 words:

A Sample Answer 3 For the Assignment: CWV 101 Basic Components of Worldview

Title: CWV 101 Basic Components of Worldview

Out of the three worldviews, I believe theism matches my core believes most. Theism is known to be a worldview that a person believes in God. The practical test examines if the worldview that I believe in matches with world experience. I believe the worldview I have matches because this world is to intricate, and I feel like odds of it coming from nothing are small. I believe God made earth, heaven, and the universe. I feel Jesus was a son of God. We are all brothers and sisters made by God. Believing the world was uniquely created by God and he cares for a personal relationship passes the practical test because of how realistic it is and my past experiences. I believe God has shown me he is always around which justifies why I believe he exists. The world is so beautiful, and it allows us to see his creativity and beauty that he puts into this world. I feel so blessed to have a life and be surrounded by people who support and love me. He has given me life every day and has blessed me with a loving husband and two beautiful children. I do believe my worldview passes the practical test for livability.

Your answer in 200-300 words:

To my understanding I believe the essence of Christian worldview suggests to the structure of ideas and beliefs through which an individual interprets the world and how they interact with it. To become a Christian, you need to accept Jesus into your soul and heart and name him as your lord and savior. When you are ready to can be baptized with water and water will cleanse you of your sins. People has said they are reborn at this stage. Once baptized you become a Christian and you must accept God as your one and only. It is important to spread the good word and love of Jesus. Always have an open relationship with him and always ask for forgiveness for your sins. Love your neighbor and enemies, try and be selfless. Overall, always do what is for everyone not just yourself. It is important to attend church to show how committed you are to God. You must always spread the word of God to people that will listen and who do not share your faith.  I accept God and I believe in Jesus. If you trust in your faith of God and trust that sin can be forgiven, you are on your way to becoming a Christian.

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