COUN 6306 Walden University ethics and supervision Discussion

COUN 6306 Walden University ethics and supervision Discussion

COUN 6306 Walden University ethics and supervision Discussion

Question: At their most fundamental level, codes of ethics serve to 2. Question: A core belief that members of the counseling profession hold concerning helping others with their mental health concerns is 3. Question: Law and ethics differ in that 4. Question: Because there are few absolute, right answers to ethical practice questions, consultation with 5. Question: Counselors who function according to mandatory ethics 6. Question: School counselors have a legal obligation to do all of the following EXCEPT 7. Question: Privileged communication statutes 8. Question: During the time that a counseling student is counseling clients in a practicum or internship setting, the student counselor 9. Question: When a counselor who is working under supervision shares confidential information about clients with her or his supervisor 10. Question: A counselor who is under the clinical supervision of another counselor should 11. Question: Friendships with former clients 12. Question: Primary difference between a boundary crossing and a boundary violation is 13. Question: Laws 14. Question: While principle ethics asks the question, “What should I do?” virtue ethics asks the question, 15. Question: Supervision agreements between a clinical supervisor and supervisee 16. Question: When a client accuses a counselor of wrongdoing through a complaint with the counselor’s licensure board or through a malpractice law suit filed in court 17. Question: Counselors who work in the military may encounter unavoidable dual relationship issues because 18. Question: Malpractice is a type of civil lawsuit that can be filed against counseling professionals for practicing in a manner that leads to 19. Question: The primary difference between counselors and other mental health professionals is 20. Question: When counseling clients who are terminally ill and wish to explore end-of-life decisions, counselors should do all of the following EXCEPT: 21. Question: Whether or not a supervisor is likely to be held responsible, along with the supervisee, when a supervisee’s client commits suicide depends on whether 22.

Question: Once counselors have disclosed their legal questions to their immediate supervisors and have received a response either from the supervisor or from an attorney who is advising them as to the proper course of action, 23. Question: Counselors who intend to conduct family counseling as part of their professional practice should 24. Question: The term “culturally encapsulated counselor” refers to a counselor who 25. Question: The only dual relationships that are prohibited by the ACA Code of Ethics are those 26. Question: When counseling clients who have been sexually exploited by a previous mental health professional, counselors should 27. Question: Within the counseling profession, the primary goal of counseling is to 28. Question: When documenting for self-protection 29. Question: Studies regarding cultural bias in diagnosis have shown that 30. Question: Minor clients have 31. Question: Parents who object to their child’s participation in counseling 32. Question: Counselors who practice from a developmental 33. Question: As advocates, counselors are aware that 34. Question: When reporting suspected child abuse in good faith, counselors should review their particular state statute to determine all of the following EXCEPT: 35. Question: of the following is TRUE of cultural diversity in technology use: 36. Question: What mental health professionals are qualified to distan using the DSM system? 37. Question: When the client is deceased and there is no statutory language dealing with privilege and the death of the holder, the individual who usually is allowed to assert the privilege is 38. Question: In counseling, informed consent should include 39.

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Question: If a counselor is asked to disclose privileged information about a client who cannot be located, then the obligation to assert the privilege rests with 40. Question: It is impossible for counselors to understand all aspects of the law but the best advice for counselors who face legal questions is to 41. Question: To be effective when counseling clients with physical disabilities, counselors 42. Question: A fundamental tenet of the wellness model is that 43. Question: When you have an ethical question and you are having trouble making a decision, counselors are best advised to 44. Question: Legal principles view the contents of a client’s counseling records as belonging to 45. Question: When a husband subpoenas a counselor to reveal information in a court hearing that was provided by the wife in joint couples counseling sessions, and the wife objects to the information being revealed, the counselor 46. Question: Breaches of client confidentiality by counselors 47. Question: When a member expresses a desire to drop out of an ongoing group, the counselor should 48. Question: The ACA Code of Ethics requires counselors to explain to clients, before testing takes place, all of the following EXCEPT 49. Question: With respect to counseling minor clients who are considering abortion 50. Question: The following are true of distance counseling services EXCEPT:

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