BHA-FPX4106 Assessment 4: Summary Report: Health Care information Review

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Summary Report

Capella University: BHA-FPX4106: Introduction to Managing Health Care Information

Assessment 04: Health Care Information Review to Improve Care Outcomes for Patients Living With HIV


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This project focuses on a health care information review for patients living with HIV to improve their patient outcomes and fight stigmatization (Villanueva Baselga, 2020). nutritionist notes, the notes from nurses providing care, the patient surveys, discharge data, the referral information, medication list, and the laboratory results. The labs will be particularly important in assessing the immunologic and virologic efficacy of antiretroviral therapy. In addition, the lab data will be key in monitoring any abnormalities connected with the antiretroviral drugs. The patient survey data will be key in knowing the patient’s opinions and attitudes as the care team continues to modify and align the care activities to suit the individual and community needs. These data will be used to improve the quality of care delivered to HIV patients by making individual plans depending on how the patients respond to the medication. Opinions and attitudes will be key in helping the organizations come up with education material and content to educate the patients on overcoming issues such as stigma.

Key Study Components

  • Data Collection Plan—  Data will be obtained from the electronic health records and AHRQ. The staff collecting data must have minimum qualifications, such as a minimum of an undergraduate degree in nursing and two-year clinical experience.
  • Data Security Plan—Data collection is to be carried out by trustworthy individuals and with high integrity. Informed consent will be obtained before using the data. The data will be encrypted, and only authorized individuals will have access and passwords to decrypt.
  • Benchmarking Plan— Data will only be collected by qualified individuals to meet the requirements. Automation will be done to help meet the standards of interoperability with HIE.
  • Quality and Change Management Strategies—Evidence-based strategies of change and quality management will be applied. These methods are to be obtained from the literature.


This project aims to benefit patients living with HIV. It has been evident that patients living with HIV face stigmatization and  have issues with medication adherence. All of these result in poor outcomes. Therefore, through this comprehensive data retrieval and review, the proposed study will come up with appropriate strategies for reducing stigmatization and improving medication adherence to improve patient outcomes. As such, the quality of patient care delivered by the physician groups will improve through the integration of various educational efforts and patient individualized care plans.


Villanueva Baselga, S. (2020). Interactive documentaries and health: Combating HIV-related stigma and cultural trauma. Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies12(2), 273-285.

Gantt Chart

Write an executive summary (1-2 pages) for senior leaders that highlights key information about the proposed health care information review of the quality of care given to a specific population. Detail the proposed implementation steps and associated time frames in a Gantt chart (1-page chart).

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: BHA-FPX4106 Assessment 4: Summary Report: Health Care information Review
Title: BHA-FPX4106 Assessment 4: Summary Report: Health Care information Review


As the office manager of your physician group, you realize that obtaining funding for your proposal will require the approval of the physician group’s senior leaders. You and the others helping you implement the proposal will need the details your proposal contains. From experience, however, you have learned the senior leaders will not take the time to review all the details. For them to approve your proposal, they simply want the highlights of what you plan to do, a brief explanation of how it will identify the quality of patient care, and the amount of time it will take to complete the study. In this final assessment, you will prepare an executive summary for the senior leaders of your physician group. Your executive summary is an abbreviated version of your proposal.

Please carefully review this assessment’s scoring guide to better understand the performance levels relating to each criterion on which you will be evaluated.


By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1: Outline the steps of the health care information life cycle.
    • Create a Gantt chart detailing the steps and time frames for study implementation.
  • Competency 2: Apply laws governing health information confidentiality, privacy, and security.
    • Describe how the plan will implement data security measures.
  • Competency 3: Assess system applications used to operationalize health information.
    • Explain rationale for proposed health care information review study.
  • Specify what information will be collected and from which applications.
    • Summarize how the proposed study will improve the quality of care delivered by the physician group.
  • Competency 4: Determine how a health information exchange (HIE) affects the management of patient data, clinical knowledge, and population data.
    • Design evidence-based best practices to ensure data meet interoperability standards with an HIE.
  • Competency 5: Integrate quality and change management strategies.
    • Incorporate evidence-based quality and change management strategies.
  • Competency 6: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others, and consistent with the expectations for health care professionals.
    • Write clearly, with correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and good organization.
    • Apply proper APA formatting and style to your citations and references.


Download and use the Executive Summary Template [DOCX]. You will complete this assessment by replacing all italicized instructional text with your own words.

Executive Summary
  • State your proposal’s big idea in the Overview.
  • Explain the information you plan to collect and the reasons why it is important to collect it.
  • Describe how this information could validate the quality of care delivered by your facility.

Note: Your Overview needs to be shorter than the Introduction from your proposal. Remember the entire narrative portion of your Executive Summary needs to be less than two pages. You will have an additional page for your Gantt chart.

Key Study Components
  • Include a subheading labeled, Data Collection Plan.
    • Distill down into 1–2 sentences the most important information about your implementation plan and the information you plan to collect at your facility.
  • Include a subheading labeled, Data Security Plan.
    • Highlight in 1–2 sentences the most important information about your plan to ensure data security that your senior leaders need to know.
  • Include a subheading labeled, Benchmarking Plan.
    • Provide a 1–2-sentence overview about the best practices (benchmarks that will be used) and procedures your study will use to ensure the data you collect meets standards for interoperability with an HIE.
  • Include a subheading labeled, Quality and Change Management Strategies.
    • Summarize in 1–2 sentences how your plan incorporates quality and change management strategies.
  • State how your proposed study will improve the quality of patient care delivered by your physician group. You Conclusion needs to be one paragraph of no more than five or six sentences.
  • List one reference in APA format to benefit your senior leaders.
Gantt Chart

Include with your Executive Summary a one-page Gantt chart that specifies the major steps in your implementation plan and the time frame associated with each step. Microsoft Excel is one tool you can use to create your chart. Your suggested readings supply additional information about how to create a Gantt chart in Excel. Please feel free to use other tools. The only requirement is that your Gantt chart specify the major steps in your implementation plan and the time frame associated with each step.


  • Written communication: Your executive summary must be concise, clear and well organized, with correct spelling, grammar, and syntax, to support orderly exposition of content. Use the Executive Summary Template.
  • Assessment Title: You may devise your own title of 5–15 words for the executive summary or use Executive Summary – Health Care Information Review. Enter the other required information specified on the template.
  • References: Specify one peer-reviewed reference that will benefit your senior leaders in the appropriate space on your template. Your reference should conform to APA formatting.
  • Length: 1–2 typed, single-spaced pages. The narrative portion of your executive summary should be preferably one page; it should not exceed two pages. You will have an additional page containing your Gantt chart.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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