BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families

Sample Answer for BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families Included After Question

BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families

BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families

Non-Traditional Families

Education, exposure, and the progressive evolution of society have given people more freedom and choices in life. The family structure is among the most impacted areas. Same-sex parenting is on the rise, dismantling the traditional family structure and its norms and relevance. Sadly, same-sex parents are highly stigmatized compared to heterosexual parents. The stigma and discrimination from family members and the broader society are leading causes of mental health problems among same-sex parents (Assink et al., 2022). Children may also question their identity as they grow and interact with others from different families.

Research provides contrasting opinions about the outcomes for children growing up under same-sex parents. Farr and Vázquez (2020) argued that children’s productivity, health, and performance in schools do not primarily depend on the family structure. Instead, the relationship dynamics between family members determine outcomes. As a result, children from same-sex parents grow healthily and productively, provided that they live in a comfortable and safe home environment. Mazrekaj et al. (2020) found that, in many instances, children from same-sex couples perform better than children raised by different-sex parents from birth. Both studies stress the role of relationship dynamics in influencing children’s outcomes positively despite the challenges (stigma and discrimination) that same-sex couples face. 

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News Article Summary

The concept of same-sex parenting is widely discussed in the news as an illustration of the changing family structure. Winfield (2023) argued that laws criminalizing consensual same-sex sexual activity are the primary cause of harassment and stigmatization that sexual minorities face. As a result, legal interventions are needed to ensure that children growing up under same-sex parents are healthy and protected from harassment and violence. Such protection will improve mental health in same-sex families since social stigmatization and discrimination are leading causes of mental health problems in such unions. Furthermore, the identity of same-sex parenting will be protected and embraced as society continues to evolve.

BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families References

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Based on your readings and resources for this week, identify one type of nontraditional family. Discuss the issues that may be encountered by raising children in this type of family structure and identify what the research says about outcomes for children growing up in this type of home. In addition to your weekly learning resources, find at least one recent news article (within the past 6 months) about the non-traditional family type you have chosen and discuss how your news article aligns or provides insight into the non-traditional family of interest. HINT: to find a news article, open Google or your preferred search engine and type in keywords like “parenting,” “families,” and your non-traditional family type. Once your search returns results, click on the “news” tab and you should see recent news stories.

An excellent response will be 2-3 paragraphs in length, well-written, and include in-text citations and a reference list. Be sure to include a reference to your news story and include the URL.

Welcome to Week 6: February 15 to 21

This week you gave some excellent recommendations for parents two very difficult scenarios. I saw that you incorporated methods and treatments discussed in your readings, especially the importance of communication and setting reasonable boundaries with positive reinforcement. Most of your completed quiz 1.

This week you will learn about modern family and how diverse they can be. The reality of our society is such that in a free society people can choose their lifestyle and beliefs so diversity in parenting is something we and our children experience. For example: multiple parenting models and lifestyles, multicultural practices, rituals, and belief systems, LGTBQ and trans parents and family members, etc. With the advent of medical technology and sciences people in this society have more knowledge and therefore, more options.

Your assignments this week include completing the week 6 discussion and quiz 2 which will be posted by the weekend.

Have a great week,

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Title: BEHS 343 Week 6 Discussion: Non-traditional families

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