Nursing Theory And Conceptual Model Presentation

NUR 430 Nursing Theory And Conceptual Model Presentation

Nursing Theory And Conceptual Model Presentation Assignment

Both Nursing theory and conceptual nursing models are critical in formulating strategies to ensure the delivery of quality care. The two approaches are interrelated; both can be used to develop policies and treatment processes for different patients. Nursing theory and conceptual framework play significant roles in the formulation of different nursing disciplines.

Conceptual Models and Nursing Theory

Nursing theory refers to the collection of statements that describe the connection or association between two or more ideas in nursing practices. Nursing theories play significant roles in the formulation of different nursing disciplines. Nursing theories are commonly applied to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare services (Grand Canyon University, 2018). All nurses apply nursing theories in their daily practices without knowing. Nursing theory can also be perceived as organized and knowledge-based concepts that fundamentally define the scope of nursing practices; it involves creative and restructuring concepts and ideas that project a purposeful, systematic, and tentative perception of a given phenomenon. Through systematic inquiries, both in nursing practices and research, nursing professionals are able to develop new knowledge relevant to the provision of care to all patients.

Conceptual models in nursing often describe a certain way of thinking or ideas of how given nursing theories can fit together according to the theorist (Brandão et al., 2019). A conceptual model can be perceived as the organizing structure that describes the theory. The conceptual model of nursing provides a framework for observation, reflection, as well as the interpretation of a given phenomenon. In particular, it provides guidance and guidelines for different aspects of clinical practices.

NURS 430 Nursing Theory And Conceptual Model Presentation Assignment
NURS 430 Nursing Theory And Conceptual Model Presentation Assignment


NRS 430 CLC Nursing Theory and Conceptual Model Presentation

Nursing is not a static profession, but changes almost daily and the profession as we know it today is vastly different than how it originated. To begin with, nursing was often done by “medicine men”, and women who cared for the sick were sometimes seen as witches (Solera-Deuchar et al., 2020). Essentially, nursing was seen as a low down profession, and left to people who could find no other work. Then, Florence Nightingale revolutionized nursing with her focus on caring for patients as a whole, and recognizing the role the environment has in a person’s health, and how a nurse can change an environment to help someone get better. Another influential leader was Clara Barton. Although without a nurses training, the need for care of soldiers during the Civil War led her to advertising for nurses and donations and organizing how to get these supplies distributed. This later led to the foundation of the American Red Cross (Lavin et al., 2017.). Around the 20th century the need for education for nurses was recognized, and different hospitals began implementing diploma programs.

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The students in these programs excelled clinically, as they practiced and learned at the bedside, while helping to staff the hospitals as well. Later, associate degree programs were developed by Mildred Montage in the 1950s. This was to give a better theoretical and knowledge base for nurses, as well as offer college credits at an affordable cost. This was beneficial as the need for nurses continued to grow. ADN schools grew and appeared all over the country, but in recent years there has been a drive for more baccalaureate prepared nurses to enter the practice. A further key development was the initiation of nurse registration. Looking at nursing now, it is evident how this is important to regulate and maintain quality of the nursing workforce. Another important figure is Alice Magaw, who was unique in her time in the 1900s in researching and writing about the practice she worked in, which was largely in the field of anesthesia (Ray & Desai, 2016.). This is important because as we know now, nurses can continue to several different masters and doctoral degree programs, such as specializing in anesthesia. All these programs are based off research and evidence based practice which continues to be essential to nursing.

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Yes nursing is evolving day by day, with new concepts and the digital era everything seem to be diversely evolving. This historic lady’s writings are always fresh in peoples mind. She wrote; “nursing care as being centered around three main pillars, health promotion, disease prevention and risk reduction.” in her notes on nursing, Nightingale said that :”nursing ought to signify the proper use of fresh air, light and warmth, cleanliness, quiet and proper selection and administration of diet- all of the list expense of vitals power of the patient” (Nightingale, 1859). This makes us reflect and respect this founder of modern nursing, since these same priorities are still very important in the current nursing practice.

Thank you for highlighting the work of Alice Magaw in this nursing profession whose interest was in anesthesia and today we have graduate nursing courses that prepares nurses to become Certified Nurse Anesthetist or Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists provide to patients anesthesia in acute care settings, outpatient surgery centers for all types of procedure and surgeries. We can see that nursing has transcended from providing caring for the sick at the bedside to other aspects that have today made nursing into respectable profession.

Also many thought of nursing as being the largest profession and the most trusted by the public. It is no secret that the foundation of nursing is mirrored by none other than Florence Nightingale. She felt like nurses only needed to know how to care for their patients through the environment and help them to cope symptoms and changes that can occur, but anything pertaining to disease processes like the medical field was unnecessary.


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“The lady with the lamp” and her contributions to modern nursing