You probably have a lot of questions (and perhaps some hesitation) about the journey you are undertaking. How do I navigate the online classroom? How can I have access to a library in this environment? The Walden Orientation and Welcome (WOW) mini-course available on your MyWalden page provide answers to such questions and helped ensure you understand how to navigate the online classroom and utilize the many resources available to you as a student at Walden.

The Pulse Check will help you identify areas about which you would like to learn more.

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This quiz includes 10 questions in various format: true/false and multiple choice. If you score 8 or below, please retake the exam. You may retake the exam as many times as you would like to achieve the desired score. Your highest score will be recorded. To retake the quiz, click on “take test again” (this does not appear as a hyperlink but works as a hyperlink when you click on the area).

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nurs 6003 walden orientation and welcome walden

Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
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To Prepare:

  • Review the Walden Orientation and Welcome found on your MyWalden page.


Complete the quiz.

nurs 6003 walden orientation and welcome walden

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Question 1

10 / 10 pts

If you have a question about which courses you should register for next term, who should you contact?

Student Support Team

One of your current instructors

Your Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor is the best person to contact with such questions.

Question 2

10 / 10 pts

When sending an e-mail to your Instructor or any Walden staff, your e-mail should:

Include color stationery as a background


Include your full legal name, your program or course, and your Walden ID Number

University staff and personnel will have no way of knowing who you are if you do not sign your e-mail or sign it only with a nickname.

Question 3

10 / 10 pts

Students should avoid referencing Wikipedia as a scholarly resource in their assignments.



While it is acceptable to turn to Wikipedia to get background information on a topic, Wikipedia is no replacement for a scholarly resource, such as a peer-reviewed journal article. Students should avoid referencing Wikipedia in their assignments, unless specifically directed by the Instructor to do so.

Question 4

10 / 10 pts

Online students are expected to behave with academic integrity and honesty.



Online students are expected to follow the university Code of Conduct, which includes behaving with academic integrity and honesty.

Question 5

10 / 10 pts

As long as you save your work to your home computer’s hard drive, you are safe.



Saving work to your hard drive is not enough. To protect your work against your computer crashing, always save major paper and documents to a disc, CD-ROM, or external/thumb drive.

Question 6

10 / 10 pts

Who should you contact with questions about online classroom technical concerns?

Your Instructor

Walden Academic Advisor

Customer Care Team

Program Director

The Customer Care Team (Student Support) can assist you with any questions about online classroom technical concerns. You can locate the contact information for the Customer Care Team in the Help area of Canvas.

Question 7

10 / 10 pts

The online classroom area where you can post an assignment and have your classmates and instructor respond to your ideas is called:

My Grades area


Assignment Link

The Discussion area is where you will reply to a Discussion prompt and then engage in “conversation” with your classmates and Instructor.

Question 8

10 / 10 pts

Students can always edit their posting in Discussion.



Students cannot edit their Discussion responses after they have posted them.

Question 9

10 / 10 pts

Where in your online course will you find the contact information for your Instructor?


Student Support

Instructor’s Corner

Your Instructor’s contact information can be found in the Instructor’s Corner on the course home page. 

Question 10

10 / 10 pts

In which area will you retrieve written assignments with comments from your instructor?


My grades area

Assignment Link

The My Grades area is where you will retrieve written assignments that contain feedback from your instructor.

Howdy, y’all! My name is Caitlin Carlin, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  I graduated with my BSN from the University of the Incarnate Word and have been working as a nurse in various areas over the last 11 years including psych, ER, perioperative services, and emergency management.  Recently, I moved an hour outside of San Antonio to the small town of Stockdale (known for tasty watermelons) where I live with my 2 fur babies, a Pitbull named Harley and a Labrador/Shephard mix named Lilly. 

Over the last 2 years, I have found myself exhausted from my nursing career, even considering a career change altogether.  Working with Covid-19 patients and their providers, I noticed that mental health was frequently overlooked.  Through careful consideration and much self-reflection, I decided to pursue a Psychiatric Mental Health NP career to be innovative, educate, promote awareness, treat patients with mental illness, and help communities combat its associated stigma.  When searching for the right university, Walden’s values embodied what I sought, focusing on “quality, integrity, and student-centeredness” (Walden, n.d.).  After my first phone call with my enrollment specialist, I knew this was not only a graduate program but an opportunity for “positive social change [that] results in the improvement of human and social conditions” (Walden, n.d.).  This MSN program was highly recommended by my peers who graduated from Walden.  And for a good reason.  As nurses and lifelong learners, it is essential to “exhibit ongoing commitment to professional development and value of nursing theories/ethical principles (altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, social justice)” (Walden, n.d.).  This is one outcome of the program that aligns with what I envision for myself once completed. 

Networking is essential to achieve my professional and academic goals for many reasons.  It opens doors to meeting new people, forming relationships, and career and learning opportunities.  Today, it would almost be harder not to network with all the resources at your fingertips.  I found it fascinating that according to the UCLA career guide, “80% of all jobs are obtained through networking” (Schmidt, n.d.).  I started to think of the job opportunities I have been afforded, and all of them have been obtained through networking in some way.  Sometimes it’s not about who you know but who you surround yourself with.  Networking allows you to surround yourself with like-minded people to encourage achieving your goals and advance your career.


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