NUR 3165 MDC Evidence-Based Practice Research Paper

NUR 3165 Miami Dade College Evidence-Based Practice Research Paper

Evidence-based practice is a process that is used to review, analyze, and translate the latest scientific evidence, an approach to health care that involves making decisions about patients’ care based on the best evidence, scientifically researched, clinical expertise, and has patient values and preferences, show effective and safest patient car, stay up to date with the latest advancements in the nursing profession, improving patients outcomes and the quality of care and services. (The Hopkins Medicine, 2023).

A nursing practice problem is a hitch experienced during the nursing practice that is related to care and attitude towards health disorders or a challenge that is within the scope of nursing practice and requires nursing interventions (Nursing Capstone help, 2023). Nursing practice problems to assess and address the barriers to effective pain management such as insufficient knowledge about pain management postoperatively and the communication gap between the patients and the health care providers. for example inadequate pain management in post-operative patients. Nurses identify patients that are not receiving adequate pain relief post-operatively which can impair their quick recovery.

Medical practice problems are challenges related to the field, the doctor needs a real clinical sign to cure, and when there is a delay in diagnosis of a serious medical condition, this will lead to delayed treatment or worsen the patients’ outcome, but addressing the issue will need proper diagnostic processes such as timely diagnostic tests. ( Nursing Capstone help, 2023).

PICOT is based on a nursing practice problem because it addresses the patient’s specific needs through research which allows evidence-based practice and advancement of the nursing knowledge helps them to collect patient information and tailor their research questions and intervention to meet patients’ needs for optimal care and patient satisfaction.

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Nursing Capstone help (2023). Difference between a Nursing practice problem and a medical practice problem-Nursing Capstone help

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There are many ethical challenges that have specific implications for nursing research. These arise primarily from the emergent and unpredictable nature of the research methods and the nature of the profession. Ethical challenges such as risk-benefit ratio which involves weighing both the benefits and the potential harm must be anticipated by the researcher before any contact with the potential subject.


You are planning to conduct interviews about the experiences of women who were the victim of domestic violence. Complete the activities and answer the following questions:

    1. List and discuss in details the ethical issues that are involved in the early stages of doing a research or evaluation study with these subjects or participants.
    2. is informed consent necessary in this case? Why or why not?
    3. What steps will you take to minimize the potential risks? What possible sources of physical and mental harm to the participants be minimized?
    4. How would you protect this specific subject from harm?
    5. What information will you provide to the participants to ensure informed and voluntary consent?
    6. Do the benefits of the study outweigh the risks?

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