NU 560: Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice Week 4 Discussion

NU 560
Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice

Week 4

DQ1 The literature review is key to any research study or
article development. It is important to review the literature within your own
discipline, but also other disciplines which may confront similar issues or
have related concerns. For example, practice issues in other health related fields
often correspond to those confronted in nursing. Nursing education concerns may
also be found in academic research within other disciplines outside of the
health care field. What is the purpose of conducting an organized literature
review? How will you approach this aspect of your research? What literature
other than nursing literature do you feel may offer useful information? How
might you incorporate these ideas into your proposal?

DQ2 Critical appraisals are used to broaden understanding
and summarize evidence. This helps determine if research evidence is ready for
practice. There are certain steps to conducting critical appraisals. Locate a
scholarly journals article(s) and apply the steps of critical analysis found in
your textbook.

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Very interesting post! PICOT is a framework used in evidenced based practice to identify relevant studies, develop research questions that are focused and measurable to guide their research questions and make an informed decision to improve patients’ outcome, encourage the formulation of measurable and specific outcomes that facilitates the assessment, data collection, and analysis.

PICOT questions

Population – refers to a specific group such as gender or medical diagnosis

Intervention- specific treatment offered like surgical procedures

Comparison- this is like the alternative intervention

Outcome- the accomplishment

Time- refers to the duration of the study (Helbig,2022)


June Helbig (2022). Nursing Research: Understanding Methods For Best Practice(Second Edition) Grand Canyon University

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