NSG 6005 Week 1 Assignment 3 Patient Medication Profile New:

NSG 6005 Week 1 Assignment 3 Patient Medication Profile New:

NSG 6005 Week 1 Assignment 3 Patient Medication Profile New:

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Academic and professional integrity encompass vital requirements for MSN students. The two connotes commitment to and depiction of honest and moral behavior in the academic aspect (Devine & Chin, 2018). Essentially, academic and professional integrity are pertinent at the university level because they are concerned with acknowledging other scholars while using their ideas in academic writing. In other words, academic and professional integrity requires acknowledging the contributions of other scholars. Mostly, academic writing is challenging and it requires that a student must use the work of others to establish original content from it. Therefore, acknowledging the contributions of others is essentially the best way of upholding the academic integrity and maintaining the standards set by nursing institutes (Krueger, 2014).

Regarding the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics, professional practices tend to touch on conduct and work of professional nurses. In many occasions, the nursing professional bodies tend to set ethical standards that nurses must comply with to remain relevant within the profession. Therefore, professional practices and scholarly ethics are related in the sense that they set specific practices and standards that nursing professionals must value in remain in the practice. For instance, nurses must act with integrity, apply ethical approach, only perform works that are in line with their competencies, act with trustworthy, provide exceptional standards of service, avoid any kind of discrimination, show commitment to the profession, and portray a good image of the nursing profession. Often, professional nurses are faced with numerous ethical dilemmas in their practice.  As such, it is imperative for nurses to use their judgment and decision-making abilities to help them in informing most of their ethical decision for the clients (Worthington, 2015). Nurses have the responsibility of upholding moral standards that enables them to make decisions informed by integrity that they have consistently acquired through professional practices and scholarly ethics.

Essentially, Grammarly, SafeAssign, and paraphrasing play vital role in ensuring academic integrity. Mostly, SafeAssign and Grammarly act as plagiarism prevention tools. Therefore, during the process of paraphrasing, which is characterized by taking ideas from other authors and expressing them in one’s word, SafeAssign and Grammarly can be used to detect plagiarism. Plagiarism is often regarded as a serious academic offense and dishonesty.  Besides, Grammarly is also used to help in checking grammatical mistakes, adding sources, and citing. In this case, I submitted my assignment using SafeAssign and Grammarly as academic integrity tools to check the document for plagiarism after paraphrasing from different sources.

Part 3, Section 2: Strategies for Maintaining Integrity of Work

Essentially, there are many strategies that can be used to maintain integrity of work. However, in this case, some of the strategies I intend to use include ensuring a close association with my professor in relation to academic work. I will organize a meeting with my professor before turning my paper and ask the professor to help me identify areas that requires better citation. I will bring along my draft, sources of information, and notes and also point out areas which I am not sure about to enable me get the best advice and make possible corrections before submitting the paper.  The other strategy is consulting the writing center coach. Here I will also bring my draft and sources of my materials and share with the coach areas of concern. I expect that the coach will show me the best ways of paraphrasing, effective quoting, effective summary, and properly acknowledging the contributions of other scholars.  Besides, I will delve into the publication manual of the nursing disciplinary citation style and ensure that I only use the current citation styles. These copies may be obtained in the libraries and online citation tutorials. Finally, I would make good use of all available resources that are pertinent to upholding of integrity work.


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