NR 328 Week 2: Skills Module – Physical Assessment – Child

Skills Module – Physical Assessment – Child

This assignment encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration through the use of a multimedia presentation and post-test. Click here for the assignment guidelinesLinks to an external site..

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Week 2: Connecting the Concepts

Reflective Activity

This reflective activity will help you transfer the things you’ve learned into long-term memory. You are encouraged to review this information as you continue learning to promote content mastery and faster retrieval of information for application.

This week you learned about immunity, infection, and gas exchange.

Connecting This Week to Previous Learning

  • Following class, review your notes and the key concepts of immunity, infection, and gas exchange.
  • Compare what you learned this week to your prior course(s). What did you learn before that you can connect to this week’s concepts? For example, in your health and wellness course you learned about the levels of prevention and that immunizations are part of primary prevention. How can you apply that to childhood immunizations and infections?
  • You also learned about gas exchange and the various respiratory conditions in the pediatric population. Can you identify three priority lifestyle changes to consider to restore health, maintain current health status, or achieve a new level of health and wellness for pediatric clients with respiratory conditions such as asthma or pneumonia?
  • For each lifestyle change you identified, describe how the change will help the client’s current or future health status.

Preparing to Learn Next Week

  • Outline the priority steps you completed to prepare for class.
  • Identify what went well with your class preparation.
  • Describe two ways your class preparations were beneficial to your learning.
  • Describe how you will incorporate what you have learned in class to clinical.
  • Determine what you would like to do differently with your preparation for next week.
  • Determine what you would like to do differently in the care you provided to clients from this week to next.


NR328-Skills Module (Jan20)

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeModule and Post-testRequired criteria:
1. Time spent in module may be required at faculty discretion.
2. Points will be based on the percentage earned on the first attempt multiplied by the total points possible.
• Example: If the assignment is worth 50 points, and you get 50% of the questions correct, you will earn 25 points (50% X 50 divided by 100%= 25)
50 ptsHighest Level of PerformanceAchieved 100% on first test0 ptsHigh Level of PerformancePoints based on performance: Achieved 90% to 99% on the first test0 ptsSatisfactoryPoints based on performance: Achieved 79% to 89% on the first test0 ptsSection not presentNo requirements for this section presented.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryPoints based on performance: Achieved less than 79% on test. Must complete reflection of critical points.50 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRetake of TestRequired criteria:
1. May retake the module and test once to score additional points.
2. Additional points cannot exceed 50 points total.
3. Waits 24 hours between attempts.
4. If received less than 80% on first attempt, must submit a satisfactory reflection prior to retaking the test (no points given on additional attempt if reflection not completed).
0 ptsHighest/High Level of Performance5 points possible with 90-100% score on retake AND 4 criteria met0 ptsSatisfactory3 points possible with 80-89% score on retake AND 4 criteria met0 ptsSection not PresentDid not submit reflection prior to retaking module – OR – scored less than 80% on retake – OR – did not retake module. 0 points0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReflectionRequired criteria
1. Scored less than 80% on first attempt.
2. 150 words required.
3. Three (3) clinical points that can be used in nursing practice using information from the module.
0 ptsSatisfactory3 criteria points are met.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryDid not complete the reflection or less than 3 criteria met.0 pts
Total Points: 50

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