NR 283 Week 1: Anatomy and Physiology Review

Materials needed: ATI account information and a computer with Internet access

Graded Deliverable: Screenshot of assessment results

Points Possible: 50

Understanding how the body works when healthy is the foundation for learning about disease. This practice assessment provides information on what you recall about normal anatomy and physiology using an online examination. Your results will reveal the strengths on which you can build and gaps in your recollection that may impact your ability to quickly understand and apply information in this course.

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Considerations for completing your assignment.

  • Take your time and do your best.
    • Your goal is to understand your current knowledge of A&P to guide your study during this course. 
  • Review the rationales for each item, even those you got right.
    • Reading the rationales for both the correct and incorrect answers provides a great review of A&P and helps you access what you already know!
  • Make a list of concepts and topics that are not completely clear to you after reviewing the rationales.
    • Compare your list to the topics covered each week of the course and plan study time to review the normal body system before you start learning about altered pathophysiology.
    • Visit the Center for Academic Success (CAS) on your campus for study tips, tutoring, or resources.
    • No time to get to campus? Click the Tutoring button on the left side of the Course Home page to schedule an appointment with
screenshot of the course menu with an arrow pointing to the tutoring link.

When you are ready to start the assessment, do the following.

  1. Log into your ATI account.
  2. Navigate to the TEST tab.
  3. Select the Anatomy and Physiology 2009 Online Practice assessment.

If you have trouble locating the activity, contact your instructor for assistance.

Week 1: Connecting the Concepts

Reflective Activity

This reflective activity will help you transfer the things you’ve learned into long-term memory. You are encouraged to continue reviewing this information as you continue learning to promote content mastery and faster retrieval of information for application.

Connecting this Week to Previous Learning

  1. Following class, review your notes, active learning templates, and the key concepts of cellular adaptation, fluid and electrolyte balance, and acid base balance.
  2. Compare what you learned this week to the topics from your biological science courses (anatomy and physiology).
  3. How is what you are learning in pathophysiology different from anatomy and physiology?
  4. Identify how knowing normal anatomy and physiology helps you with learning about abnormalities within the human body.
  5. Describe three reasons it is important to apply your prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology to what you are learning in pathophysiology.
  6. List three ways you will try to prepare to explore upcoming pathophysiology topics.

Preparing to Learn Next Week

  1. Outline two priority steps you completed to prepare for class this week.
  2. Identify two study techniques that helped you to be prepared for class this week.
  3. Describe how your study techniques were beneficial to you learning about cellular adaptation
  4. Determine what you would like to do differently with your preparation for learning about the concepts of inflammation and immunity next week.


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