NR 103 Unit 3: Small Group Discussion

It is important to utilize the appropriate resources because you want to provide the best quality care when taking care of patients. Therefore, having all the necessary resources that the hospital or facility offer can be useful in providing proper treatment for patients. Additionally, resources allows timely and efficient performance of the task of taking care of the patient.

Evidence from nursing journals affects patient care because it keeps nurses informed about new findings or ideas, new methodologies or practices, and advancement in the nursing field. Also, using evidence from nursing journals allows nurses to use suitable methods for treating specific conditions. Without using proven methods, unintended consequences can result in treating patients.

Nursing research continuous to grow and new practices, treatment methods, and techniques are emerging, so it is important that nurses are informed about those changes to improve patient care safely and effectively.

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As a professional nurse, you should be abreast with new practices and research in patient care. As a professional nurse, knowing the right evidence to employ in a given situation facilitates efficient delivery of care. Additionally, using the right evidence of care allows the professional nurse to avoid unintended consequences in providing care. Furthermore, using the right evidence of care allows for patient satisfaction and quick recovery times for patients.

Understanding plagiarism is very vital in today’s society. Being a professional nurse, or in the nursing field (which is a trusted profession), it is important to be truthful, report results as seen and not falsifying results. As a professional nurse, understanding plagiarism and academic integrity translates into truthful reporting of treatment results, sharing of results, and accurate report presentation. Furthermore, it translates into all areas of patient treatment and being faithful to the body of professional nurses.

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While taking care of patients, a few examples of resources that can be easily obtained and are relevant to care include: past medical history, charts documenting their current stay at the hospital, family medical history, and test results. All of these items combined are important to utilize because the information  attatched to a patient  will determine the course of action prepared for them. 

In order for nursing journals to be relavent to medical practices, they have to be current, relavent, peer reviewed, include evidence and are academic in nature. These characteristics alone affect patient care because of the influence they have. The journals also affect patient care because while referencing them, the information included keeps the standard equivocal for all nurses across the globe. 

The conclusions drawn by any nurse have to be drawn using relavent information, if not it is easy to get lost in irrelevant information which can lead to an unsupported course of action. There are some precautionary measures a nurse can use to avoid this including, using parallels to draw conclusions, speaking to providers during milestones and constantly thinking about the main focus, goal, or issue.

Plagerism is defined by submitting someone else’s work without referencing them at all. By  plagiarizing someone’s work you have not proven to your instructure you know the information and can reiterate it in your own words. This is important in nursing because no two patients are the same, these common ideas will help you provide the best care to all with equally positive outcomes.  By understanding plagerism and being sure to avoid it, it allows a future nurse to produce work that is his or her own.

When taking care of patients, I think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources because you want to be able to provide the most accurate information to the patient. You are liable for the patients health and you want to be able to provide them the best quality care that you can. When you are working at the hospital, there are many resources and faculty members available to use in order to answer any questions you may have.

I believe evidence from nursing journals affect patient care, because it allows nurses to be aware and updated on any findings and cases that have occurred in the past. This allows nurses to learn from one other and use methods that are sufficient. Using the right evidence allows you to better care  for your patients because each patient may require a different care. It is crucial to make sure as a professional nurse you are doing the best you can in order to provide for that quality care. If you are unsure of what to do, it is professional to ask for assistance on the situation by using the right evidence and resources that are provided. 

Understanding plagiarism and academic integrity in the professional nursing world is very important because nurses are considered the most trusted profession. It is crucial to be truthful in every aspect of your work, as a duty to you job and most importantly, your patients. Being truthful in your assessments, results and outcomes is very crucial to the patients well-being and recovery. 

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