Leaders of Nursing Assignment

Leaders of Nursing Assignment

Leaders of Nursing Assignment

One of the key historical leaders of nursing is Dorothea Orem who developed the “Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing” which generally states that nurses are there to assist people with that which they cannot do for themselves. Broadly, this theory also states that through education a nurse can aid a patient transition from dependence to independence (Whitney, 2018). Dorothea Orem’s theory is at once simple and complex. Simple in that it boils down to “provide help where needed”. Complex when it is put in Dorothea’s words:

“ Theory , as the term is used here, means an overarching explanation of conceptualized features of nursing practice situations and relations among them that are common to all instances of nursing” (Orem, 2004, p.7)

The job of nursing is continually changing. Tasks become more complex, more involved. Skills get more and more specialized. The constant is the desire to help those who need it and to help them help themselves. We do not just do for our patients, we teach them to do for themselves. Since nursing i s continually changing and evolving, so too, must the nurse. Continuing education will be a part of our career, not just until we get our BSN. We must maintain and update our skills, knowledge and abilities if we wish to remain a part of the contemporary nursing profession.


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On my unit both the RNs and Cardiovascular Techs (CVTs) require to have both ACLS & BLS certification in order to work in the Cath lab. In addition to this, we are required to do mandatory Radiation safety modules annually, Rhythm Interpretation module and test. If these modules are not completed by the end of the fiscal year, violators will be removed from the schedule until completed and if these modules are not completed with a set time from by your supervisor/Manager you may loose your job. In the District of Columbia, the DC board of nursing requires that within two years of the RNS practice in DC all RNs must complete 24 credit hour continue education and this must include HIV and LGBTQ lessons. So in order to continue practicing in DC & renewing your license, nurses may have to fulfill this requirement.

As a new international nurse, i had to do a lot of transitions, which included, license endorsement. The parts that interested me most were the continuous education posted on our portals, for continuity of growth and competency. We need to continue with these studies as per specialty to renew our licenses as pertains to the nursing board. We need to also follow the ethical part of nursing, practice according to the scope of practice and follow institutions policy to be able accountable in all we do to continue practicing.

To meet the developing medical services needs of patients who are living longer with persistent ailments and complex infection processes, we should be expertly responsible for extending our clinical range of abilities and reliably executing highest quality level proof based practice discoveries to direct our nursing mediations. Continuous clinical ability requires dynamic investment to achieve and keep up with the abilities important to give outstanding consideration to our patient populace. Be available at the time during every expert instructional meeting, without individual distractors. This engaged cooperation permits us to explain central issues that might influence patient security and results. Go about as a guide and deal help to your friends who are figuring out how to perform new errands to expand their certainty and furthermore approve whether their training is in consistence with hierarchical principles.

The American Nurse Association (ANA) code of ethics defines nurse accountability as stated, “to be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own action” This means that nurses are required to follow an ethical conduct code based on the principles of fidelity and respect for the dignity, Nurses can display their professional accountability by taking responsibility for their own judgment and clinical decision they may make (Arkansas 20117). One way a nurse can show professional accountability is early recognition of an ischemic stroke patient, facial drooping, slurred speech, confusion, paralysis, and so forth. That nurse has a responsibility to that patient by acknowledging and alerting the proper clinicians to the situation based on his or her judgment. Because ischemic strokes are time-sensitive, early recognition and treatment can minimize brain damage and improve outcomes (Harvard 2017) It is important for nurses to practice good self-care and prioritize their own mental health and well-being which could directly improve the quality of care that they give their patients. Nurses can incorporate mental self-care just by coming up with a realistic individualized plan that they could do daily and/or every couple of days (Haughey 2022). The bible doesn’t speak directly about self-care but do provide some direction on how to establish,and maintain it. Jesus spoke about and gave direction and instruction to his disciples to care for their physical and mental health Jesus recognized that we cannot function and live sufficiently without rest (Liu 2022).

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