Importance of Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V

Importance of Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V

Disruptive technologies in different sectors have advantages and disadvantages that impact their overall adoption and application. A core aspect of advances in technology is need for efficiency and increased accessibility to healthcare services. In their study, Letafat-Nejad et al. (2020) assert that health kiosks are providing cost-effective and multifunctional tools to reduce the overall healthcare burden and improve accessibility. Further, these kiosks can enhance overall health indicators by allowing patients, especially those in remote areas and with chronic conditions, to have increased access to quality care interventions at the comfort of their homes. The implication is that self-help healthcare kiosks reduce the cost of care, reduce the patient wait cutting time to wait for files and writing different forms, and allow providers to get information directly from the patient. They also reduce error since a patient enters their information and can check any incorrect entries. These kiosks also make payment easier and reduce the level of confusion as patients can know the type of information or details that they have given to the providers.

Conversely, these kiosks may also increase the vulnerability and susceptibility of data due to reduced levels of security and privacy. Such situations may lead to HIPAA violations. Secondly, transactions on these kiosks are limited because of their nature as one needs to ensure that they are functioning in an optimal manner (Maramba et al., 2022). Maintenance is also a concern as well as limited interactions between patients and providers using the model.

While these kiosks have substantial advantages, their use may lead to a negative perception among patients concerning dedicated staffing levels. Patients may feel less catered to as there are limited to no personal interactions between them and providers (Sun et al., 2021). The kiosks also limit the number of staff leading to reduced dedicated providers in any setting or facility.


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Importance of Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V

HLT 308V Topic 2 DQ 1

With the growing importance of increasing wage rates for employees, many health care organizations are implementing technology such as self-help kiosks to reduce staffing. Describe both an advantage and a disadvantage to this practice and discuss how patients may perceive reductions in dedicated staffing.

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Importance of Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V
Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V

Businesses Support Raising the Minimum Wage
• Business executives support a higher minimum wage. A survey conducted by Republican pollster Frank
Luntz that was leaked to the Washington Post in April found that 80 percent of business executives
supported increasing the minimum wage.
• Small business owners support a higher minimum wage. A national poll of small business owners
conducted by the American Sustainable Business Council found that 60 percent of small business
owners support increasing the federal minimum wage to $12 by 2020 and indexing it to inflation.
Importance of Increasing Wage Rates for Employees HLT 308V• Businesses are voluntarily raising wages. Hundreds of businesses across the country have pledged to
pay their workers at least $12 an hour by 2020.
Businesses Will Benefit from a Modest Increase in the Minimum Wage
• Raising the minimum wage increases worker productivity. Studies by leading economists, including
Nobel laureate George Akerlof of Georgetown University, found that employee morale and work ethic
increase when employees believe they are paid a fair wage. Economists have also linked higher wages
to better physical and mental health and reduced “decision fatigue,” leading to higher productivity.
• Raising the minimum wage reduces turnover. Higher wages lead to lower employee turnover, resulting
in reduced recruiting and training costs. An analysis by the Center for American Progress estimates that
the cost of replacing low-wage workers is equal to about 16 percent of the employee’s annual salary. A
2012 study by Arin Dube, William Lester, and Michael Reich concluded that increases in the minimum
wage can reduce turnover substantially, leading to savings in turnover costs.

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