HMGT 310 6383 Health Care Policies: Week 1 Discussion

HMGT 310 6383 Health Care Policies: Week 1 Discussion

Theme 1:

It is a challenging job to be a student. All students juggle
multiple priorities and responsibilities, trying to gain the highest grades at
the same time. Please offer your strategies on time management and study skills
to your peers. Provide two of the most helpful tools and/or strategies that you
use to a high degree of success. Tell us how you apply those tools or skills by
sharing an example. Discuss the tips
offered by your peers by responding to at least two classmates’ posts and
reflect how or if they will work for you. Some of the additional information
could be found in Helpful Tips overview.

Theme 2:


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Healthy People 2020 covers considerable public health topics
of concern to health and healthcare policy matters. For this weeks’ discussion,
students should utilize one of UMUC’s library of scholarly sources (i.e.
journals) or locate a recent health-related newspaper article and select a
public health or health care concern addressed in HP 2020’s list of topics and
write two paragraphs on the following:

1) Identify and describe the HP2020 objective.

2) Provide background information about the extent of the
problem (summary of the health issue), including relevant statistics.

3) Cite the journal article you used in APA format.


Using the problem you selected above, determine if the topic
has been addressed through public policy efforts. In one paragraph, describe
the following:

1) Identify where the issue falls in the policymaking cycle.
Identify what stage of the public policy process the health topic is, and why
you believe it fits into that stage.
Reference a stage(s) of Figure 1, the US Policymaking Cycle, found in
the Week 1 Course Introduction document.

2) Conduct policy research on your selected issue using
UMUC’s library or online resources. Briefly discuss in what ways public policy
addressed this issue (i.e. policy proposed, a policy implemented, etc.). Be sure to cite sources in APA format.

Reply to at least two of your fellow student’s posts with
substantive information and/or feedback that helps facilitate an ongoing

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