HLT 306V Topic 3 DQ 2

HLT 306V Topic 3 DQ 2

Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.

Culture entails a set of values, beliefs, social norms, practices and perspectives formed and perpetuated by a certain group, race, and social class. Ethnicity denote the act of identifying with or belonging to a certain racial or ethnic group because of common shared values. Acculturation occurs when one changes their culture and accepts a more dominant culture that impacts their activities, perspectives and even attitudes (Areba et al., 2021). The three aspects imply that one must use them for identity in a multicultural society, especially in healthcare and nursing, where providers are expected to demonstrate different aspects of care provision. The implication is that three concepts share certain similarities but are also different.


Culture, ethnicity and acculturation are components of identity implying that individuals in society derive their identity and self-concept based on these components. For instance, belonging to a subculture in a dominant culture implies that one seeks identity and a sense of belonging. Secondly, all these concepts are critical in classifying individuals into their original cultures and those that they have acquired. Further, the three share similarities in terms of aspects like value systems, practices, origin and norms (Kamakura et al., 2019). This implies that irrespective of one’s culture, ethnicity and acculturated identity, they all must demonstrate the associated values, norms and practices. These three also demonstrate a common heritage that people share.


On the flip side, the three are different. Firstly, culture and acculturation can be passed from one generation to another and serves as identification. However, one cannot change their ethnicity unless they intermarry to have a different racial composition or ethnicity. Further, culture and acculturation are founded on a set of morals values, and beliefs as well as norms (Parsonson & Alquicira, 2019). On its part, ethnicity is founded on a person’s racial identity and affinity. Acculturation results in change of culture in different aspects when one meets new people. However, culture and ethnicity remain constant and defining aspects of one’s personality.

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