HLT 306V Topic 2 DQ 2

HLT 306V Topic 2 DQ 2

What possible reservations could a health care professional have in working with Sister Mary? (Discuss the psychosocial responses the professional might have.)

Topic 2 DQ2- Religion and Healthcare

The diversity in the world’s religions poses challenges to healthcare providers in delivering culturally competent care and health services. Cultural competence refers to the ability of healthcare professionals to provide services that meet and respect the social, religious, and cultural needs of their clients and family members (Cherry & Jacob, 2019). Strategies that providers towards culturally competent care reduce barriers in health provision. Health providers often do not question their clients about their religious views due to poor communication skills, time limits, and psychosocial factors (Henderson et al., 2018). In the provided scenario, Sister Mary is a Roman Catholic nun who seeks care at the emergency department and is set to undergo various health assessments. This paper analyzes a healthcare provider’s possible reservations while working with Sister Mary.

Healthcare providers must be respectful of their patient’s spiritual and religious needs. Swihart and Martin (2021) observe that most clients’ anxiety is reduced when they turn to their faith during challenging healthcare experiences, pointing to the essentiality of accommodating and recognizing the religious needs of their clients. Lack of awareness of one’s beliefs can lead to bias and an inability to empathize with a patient’s point of view. Some psychosocial responses the professional might have for failing to understand the spiritual and religious needs of the client include frustration, anxiety, guilt, and culture shock. Catholics believe in keeping sacred objects, such as ring rosaries. These might need to be removed during investigations. However, a healthcare provider understanding the religious belief will allow Sister Mary to keep her rosary, positively impacting the caring process. Notably, the client must also have a physical examination. A healthcare provider might be reluctant to evaluate Sister Mary due to perceived barriers such as gender differences, modesty, and physical touching. Therefore, the provider must ask and receive consent from the client before proceeding. Additionally, the healthcare provider can seek assistance from Roman Catholic colleagues, Mary’s family members, and nuns from her congregation. They would offer psychological, spiritual, and emotional support.

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