HCA 645 Teamwork is an essential component in an organization that is needed for performance and excellence

HCA 645 Teamwork is an essential component in an organization that is needed for performance and excellence

HCA 645 Teamwork is an essential component in an organization that is needed for performance and excellence

Module 2 Discussion Question 2

Team building retreats are largely utilized by organizations in the modern world to improve performance and efficiency in task undertaking. It provides the employees with the opportunities to reflect on their experiences and explore the ways in which they can be improved (Valdes-Dapena, 2018). I have participated in the past in a team-building task. The exercise was important to my personal and professional development. It provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my performance. I took time to reflect on my strengths, weaknesses and the ways in which I can improve them. The experience was also effective because it placed emphasis on active participation of the team members. The participants were encouraged to explore their performance and the manner in which it can be improved. Members were also asked to give their feedback on the organizational aspects that need to be improved for the desired performance. Based on this, I believe that the team building retreat was effective.

The team building retreat also had a significant impact on my performance. It gave us the opportunity to evaluate on the manner in which the set organizational goals were achieved. Through it, the team members explored their efficiencies and participated in the setting of new goals and the manner in which they can be achieved. The exercise also entailed rewarding performance. The top-performing employees were identified and rewarded for their performance. This gave us the opportunity to explore the innovative ways in which our performance can be improved. The exercise also improved my communication skills with my superiors. It allowed us to build a new workplace culture where open communication is valued (McChrystal et al., 2015). The team members shared their experiences openly leading to the strengthening of the collectiveness in undertaking of organizational tasks.

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The retreat fulfilled its objectives. It raised the level of awareness among the employees on the importance of teamwork in undertaking organizational tasks. The team members appreciate the need for collectiveness in undertaking organizational roles since it enhances the realization of the mission of the organization. The retreat also improved the morale of the employees. They felt that the organization values their input in their organization. They expressed their increased need to explore new ways in of undertaking their assigned roles. The retreat also strengthened the communication in the organization (Shockney, 2018). The trust that the employees had towards the management was improved, hence, organizational communication. Based on these outcomes, the retreat was perceived to have achieved its objectives.

The retreat also fulfilled my objectives. It enabled me to reflect on the manner in which I can improve on my areas of weaknesses. It also allowed me to explore my areas of strength that I can leverage to improve on my performance. The retreat also enabled me to establish new professional relationships with other employees. I shared my insights with other staffs, which was important in widening my understanding of various organizational aspects. Lastly, I felt empowered by the end of the retreat. The experience provided me with a new understanding of the ways in which organizational issues can be handled efficiently. Therefore, I believe that the retreat contributed significantly to the realization of my personal and professional objectives.


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Kimberly, I agree with you on everything you have said about the discussion topic. Indeed, improving the leadership climate is of paramount importance to the success of a company. Team buildings and retreats are thus significant as they help teams to become more productive. In the short run, the two phenomena ensure that one oozes positive vibes at the workplace, which makes them more productive. In the long-run, they help one to adopt positive outlook on organizational objectives by seeing the leadership up-close and personal and sharing in their vision and mission for a company. In other words, team building and retreats help in fulfilling one’s objectives and align with their expectations.

Teamwork is an essential component in an organization that is needed for performance and excellence. Employees should work in teams to ensure uniformity in realization of the set goals and objectives of an organization. Teamwork is also important since the abilities of the employees are leveraged for the desired organizational goals. It is therefore important that managers and leaders explore the different ways in which effective teams can be created. They need to understand the factors that influence the efficiency of teams and ways of facilitating them (Bogaert & Clarke, 2018). Therefore, this discussion question examines the ways in which I will develop a team, set objectives, and things I will do at the conclusion of the mission. It also examines the importance of defining the responsibility of each of the team members and reasons for active involvement of the team members.

I will engage in several activities to develop a team in the organization I work with as a nurse. One of the activities is establishing leadership for the team. I will ensure that I develop the right leadership skills that will ensure the success of the team. I will focus on promoting leadership aspects such as transparency, responsibility, open communication, and active involvement of the team members. I will then focus on embracing interventions that will strengthen the relationship that I have with the team members. This will include fostering open communication, respect and honesty among the team members. Positive relationships among the team members are needed for the productivity and satisfaction to be achieved. I will also create rules guiding the tea members. Team values as well as goals must be established for the team members to understand their expected roles and responsibilities. Through it, they understand the expectations of their assigned tasks (EDMONDSON, 2018). I will also involve them in setting the mission and objectives of the team. I will ensure that the team members provide their insights into the goals of the team and the strategies that need to be implemented for the success of the teamwork. I will also consider the need for active involvement of the team members in every step of the team activities. I will ensure that they play a critical role in assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the team activities. The use of these interventions is important because it ensures sustainability and ownership of the team activities. Therefore, I believe that I will be able to establish a team and develop mission of the team with these interventions.

Several interventions are done at the completion of the team activities. One of these activities that I will undertake is reviewing the whole process of implementing the strategies set by the team. I will evaluate the success, challenges, and opportunities that must be explored in future for success in similar tasks. I will also communicate the findings to the team members. Communication is important since it will build the confidence that the team members have in executing similar tasks in the future. I will also reward performance at the end of the mission. Incentives are important since they motivate the team members to provide their best in future assigned projects.

Defining the roles and responsibilities of each of the team members is important for success of teamwork. Doing this aid enables the team members to understand their expectations in facilitating the success of team activities. Defining is also important in preventing duplication of duties. Through it, goals and objectives are achieved in an efficient manner. As shown earlier, team members should be involved in all of the team activities. Their involvement minimizes the risk of resistance from the team members. It also promotes innovation, transparency, and accountability among them (West, 2012). Therefore, the consideration of these aspects will contribute to the success teamwork and its strategies.


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