DNP 810A Week 8 Reflective Journal

DNP 810A Week 8 Reflective Journal

A reflection comes at the end of a course, where a student gets a chance to self-reflect on the achievements made in the course and potential challenges witnessed during the course. As such, the current reflection essay purposes of presenting learnings and experiences achieved during the Grand Canyon University’s DNP 810A: The emerging areas of human health. The challenges and achievements related to fulfilling the course objectives and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of DNP will be explored (Ahmed et al., 2018). The importance of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of DNP emanates from the fact that DNP students are required to meet the essentials to be considered competent.

The Reflection

The major focus of undertaking the DNP 810A was to achieve the formulated course objectives. Therefore, course activities and learning experiences were important for completing direct practice improvements and course objectives. Learning aspects, strategies, and approaches were employed to help to meet the AACN essentials and the course objectives. For example, discussion questions related to weekly course topics were undertaken. These discussions were all revolving around emerging areas of human health hence key to completing the course objectives. In addition, weekly assignments were done throughout the course to help explore more and develop a deeper understanding of the emerging areas of human health hence achieving the AACN essentials.

The DNP-810A course was particularly important in driving the DNP candidate towards acquiring the needed knowledge key in patient diagnosis and practice management through making appropriate and relevant decisions. The DNP candidate was also able to participate in research and literature search to study current trends in strategies for improving human health, acquisition of skills used in coaching communities, patients, and their families on the importance of health and why it is important to approach human health from a holistic perspective. Therefore, the following specific essentials were achieved during DNP 810-A.

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Essential III: Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice

DNP essential number III is one of the essentials that was directly achieved by undertaking DNP 810A. As part of the course, the DNP candidate explored genetics and how it relates to chronic conditions. Therefore, such a study ensured that the student explored evidence-based practice and analyzed the presented evidence through analytical methods on the current trends used in managing and treating such genetic disorders. In addition, other aspects were also explored, including disease prevalence and incidence and why family members should be included in such care efforts and strategies. These were all achieved by exploring a case study which was studied throughout the weeks of the study (Al-Alawi et al., 2019). In efforts to find out the best management and treatment strategies, a literature review was accomplished in search of the best evidence, hence contributing to the development of analytical skills. Genetic disorders’ clinical aspects were also studied in this course which was again important in the development of clinical scholarship.

Essential V: Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care

The next essential that was accomplished through DNP 810 is essential number IV, health care policy for advocacy in health care. As in the case of the essential discussed earlier, assignments and discussions were completed dealing with the health care policy related to the various current healthcare issues like genetics. As part of the course, a case study involving genetics was explored and the impacts that genetics have on policy and policy formulation. The implication is that the DNP candidate was able to study more policy hence acquiring valuable skills and knowledge related to healthcare policy and advocacy (Phillips et al., 2018). Even though there is always a need to improve patient care and ensure that patients have better outcomes, several factors influence such outcomes. For example, health care policy has been known to impact the quality of patient care services offered to the patient. As such, it was key that the DNP students participate in activities and course aspects that improve skills related to healthcare policy and advocacy.

Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health

The next DNP essential met in the DNP 810A course is essential number seven which focuses on the clinical prevention and population health for improving the health of a nation. In some of the weeks’ assignments, illnesses connected to genetic disorders and diagnostic strategies that can be used for the conditions were explored. Therefore, the student was able to acquire skills in clinical prevention. Class discussions were also key in the achievement of the essential; for example, evaluation of the impact of treatment options chosen, selecting treatments, diagnosis, patient screening, counseling, and nutritional assessments were all undertaken (Ahmed et al., 2018). The discussions covered several aspects of clinical prevention and population health hence helping the DNP leaner to meet the requirement of the DNP essential number seven.


This reflection essay has focused on various achievements accomplished by the DNP candidate by completing the Grand Canyon University’s DNP 810 A course. The achievements are related to the course objectives and the DNP essentials. The class assignments and discussion questions undertaken throughout the course were all key in achieving the course objectives and the DNP essentials. In particular, DNP essentials number III, V, and VII were all achieved by completing the course.


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