Discussion: Strategies for Addressing Questions

NURS 6003 Discussion: Strategies for Addressing Questions

Discussion: Strategies for Addressing Questions

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There is an old phrase that many of us know, there is no such thing as a stupid question, which is so true. Not inquiring about something because you are afraid of it sounding stupid to others can cause failure in what you needing to know and can affect you and others who were also afraid to ask. I use to be scared to ask questions but learned quickly I would rather other judge me than to not know at all and hurt myself in the long run. When applying for the master’s program at Walden University, I had many questions before applying and even after applying. I spoke with many of my colleagues to figure out how challenging the program would be in comparison to undergraduate nursing program. I wanted to know what the course loads were like, were there many tests, quizzes or more so a lot of papers.

I spoke with a student success advisor and the questions remained the same because I was doubtful and uncertain about my success in the program due to my struggles with my bachelor’s degree. I also had questions about the success rate of the program and what resources were available to the students to achieve success. I also wanted to know in their experience how did many people juggle working full time and going to school, was it better to start with one or two classes?

At this point so far, I would like to know what are some of the time management tools used to help balance school and work life? Does anyone plan on utilizing study groups throughout the program or is on line more of a solo, every man for themselves situation? I only ask because the last on line class I had; I was still on campus, so my on line class was made up of my in-person classmates. I also would like to know if anyone has worked in pediatrics in an acute care setting, besides the obvious and the weight-based medication is it much different from adults? I have not done pediatric nursing in the acute care setting but want to follow my passion of pediatrics and achieve success in the pediatric nurse practitioner program and would love any tips or pointers I could use in the future.


Many of our coworkers are concerned about writing as well. I’m worried about this because I’ve been out of school for a long time. We can improve our writing by making use of all of the resources available at Walden University, such as the writing center, library, and APA templates. “We hope to assist students in becoming better writers through our paper review service,” says the writing center. Rather than editing or “fixing” your work, we want to help you improve your writing abilities (n.d). By providing coaching and constructive criticism, the writing center will also assist us in becoming scholarly writers. As a result, you should not regard your writing style as unprofessional or inferior. Each of us expresses ourselves in a unique way through our work. Methods for Answering Questions Discussion

Yes, the American Nurses Association website does provide a wealth of information such as continuing education, journals, and even a career center. I haven’t visited the website in a long time. It’s incredible that we nurses don’t make use of the resources that are available to us. As I browsed the website, I came across a section called Capitol Beat. Very interesting article about the ANA’s involvement in the election and advocating for nurses to get involved: “Now, more than ever, is the time for nurses to engage, have a seat at the table, and make their voices heard, regardless of where they are from or who they support” (Davis, 2020). Discussion: Question-Answering Techniques


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Beat. Retrieved from https://anacapitolbeat.org/

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Main Question Post

I feel that a majority of my questions going into this class have been looked at during the first week of this course.  I questioned if I would be able to attend school, work and continue to be a present mother, grandmother and wife.  It seems like a lot to fit into one day.  It was good to read, first week, that others had the same doubts and questions in our Facebook group.  It made me very happy that I joined the group.  The reading has also stated that being part of a social group with your peers is helpful in staying focused and using them as a resource. (Walden University, n.d.)

The American Nurses Association, ANA, has also produced a lot of links for me that will be useful throughout my career and through school that I was not aware existed.  Am I the only one applying for every scholarship I can find to help pay for my schooling?  It was great to find the scholarship area on ANA page in this weeks’ reading. (American Nurses Association, n.d.)

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Hello , I read with great interest your post. Like you, I also worry about balancing school work with my two jobs, and my responsibilities as a mother and a wife. I knew that I could not take face-to-face classes; I prefer the flexibility of the online programs. Regardless of the modality, research has shown that the outcome is based on the student’s characteristics such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and personality (Berenson et al., 2008, as cited in Kauffman, 2015). In this particular study, emotional intelligence was defined as the “awareness and self-regulation of feelings and needs.” And this is precisely what we must strive for, self-regulation, and proper goal setting.

The strategy to familiarize ourselves with the weekly assignments as earlier as possible is a great way to allocate the necessary time to each project. You are leading the discussion this week, which speaks of the adherence to your priorities. I am taking two courses simultaneously, and for this week, I know that I have to invest more time on NURS 6201 than NURS 6001. As a matter of fact, I completed my discussion for this course yesterday; I am only waiting for the writing center’s feedback. We both agree that understanding the assignments’ instructions and evaluating the amount of time we should invest in each project is a fantastic way to avoid lateness in our submissions, not to mention that it reflects excellent self-management skills. Prioritization is vital if we want to succeed.

Also, you spoke about your concern about the APA format. Again, you are not alone. I struggle with the updates of the seventh edition. I am specifically concerned about the different types of unintentional plagiarism. But I know that Walden University (WU) has many resources and, I plan to use them as much as possible. Here, I want to suggest that you use the writing center. The instructors are committed to working with the students to provide feedback in real-time and help us to progress (Walden University, 2020). The advantages are endless. I have received feedback from two documents, and I have learned essential tips about run-on sentences, independent clauses, conclusion paragraphs, etc. As an international student, I also struggle with the English language. At WU, the writing center is one of the strategies I plan to continue using to improve my writing skills.

Regarding the last concern you discussed, the need for preceptors; I advise to look into professional organizations that align with your program of study or your future role. There are nursing associations that offer mentoring networking. An example of this is the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC). The AANAC has in place a mentorship community that allows mentees to connect with experienced professionals (The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination, 2020).

As learners, we need to look for strategies that work for us. Being exposed to others’ experiences and learn from them is priceless. I highly value peer interaction; I think it helps us to advance academically. I wish you all the best, Kori. I look forward to keeping the communication with you, and I am confident that we will be successful at WU.


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Hello K,

Concerns about finishing our graduate program are shared by both of us. Because most of us have full-time jobs and are also pursuing education via distance learning, our schedules are already overflowing. In my previous blog entry, I stated that time management was my largest problem. I’d like to share some of the methods I’ve found effective in juggling my incredibly demanding and time-consuming schedule. Walden University’s website has a wealth of information. I’ve used the online library, the writing center, and most significantly, my academic counselors have been available to me. In our video part, one of our academic advisers emphasized that they are advocates for our educational success (Laureate Education, 2018). My advisor, Ryan Naab, has been a tremendous asset throughout the process. My recommendation is to get in touch with one of the school’s academic advisers, who are there to help us all out.

A list of characteristics that can help you succeed in online education was also offered by our resources. When it comes to evaluating myself and setting reasonable expectations for my academics, the list of attributes has been quite helpful. It’s true what they say: “You get out of it what you put into it.” In order to reap the benefits of my hard work, I decided to put more effort into my online education. Positivity has helped me deal with anxiety, and I’m confident it will do the same for you. Having a poor view of online courses might lead to a decline in persistence and drive, according to Kauffman (2015). In truth, I’ve been harsh on myself because I’ve been worried that I won’t be able to complete my assignments in time. Because of my positive outlook on the situation, I was able to keep a steady pace in my online studies. Do a brief self-assessment; you could come up with the same conclusions that I did. Some of the tactics I used may help soothe your anxieties. I know that people function differently.


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RE: Discussion – Week 2

                                                 Strategies for Addressing Questions

Being a New Graduate Nurse who just completed Nursing school in May and re-enrolling into a master’s program so fast made me nervous. I wanted to keep the momentum of being in school and not take a break because of the fear of not returning to school. Once the quarter started, I became overwhelmed with the load of 2 classes while getting adjusted to my new role as a Nurse. I spoke with my Academic Advisor, and we came up with the plan to keep one course to help me get adjusted and comfortable with the workload. My concerns are, Did I rush into school too fast? Am I going to be able to balance my new career and graduate school? Is there anybody else that is a Novice Nurse starting school? In the future, am I going to take more than one class at a time? I have many worries and concerns being a new graduate and Nurse, but I hope with the support of my peers and Walden’s support team, I will be successful in this program.


Walden has a tremendous amount of resources and support that has helped me feel more at ease about my concerns. Knowing that I can call my Academic Advisor or my Student Success Advisor any day of the week assures me that I am not alone in this journey. One of the Academic Advisors from the video states essential tips to follow by such as plan ahead and have time management, which stuck to me in ensuring I will be successful (Laureate Education, 2018). I also admire the organization of the online classroom and how assignments and discussions are easily accessible. Kauffman (2015) explained that online learning could lead to negative emotions, including frustration, especially if courses are poorly designed. The classes are beginner-friendly, which reduces my anxiety of school being a solely online learning environment.

Writing Dilemmas   

Another concern I have is writing papers and discussion boards in APA format. As a scholar, I am very familiar with APA format as we used this format in my bachelor’s program frequently. However, I always tend to miss specific points in the structure, such as in-text citations and the reference page. Walden’s writing center is a resource that I rely on because you have someone to proofread your papers and suggest tips the ensure your article is written on a scholarly level. The amount of resources that are available to us helps students like me who feel extremely overwhelmed.


As I navigate through this program, I will do my part to remain optimistic and flexible in adjusting to this graduate-level program. Online College 2020 gives traits for a successful online learner and stated, “embrace the diversity represented by your classmates and instructors.” My colleagues I interact with all come from different backgrounds and values so as a student I must learn how to integrate with them. The instructors and my colleagues are all here to help one another and that’s why I believe that my concerns and anxiety will ease up as we go along because we all here to ensure we succeed.


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