Discussion: NURS 6003 Nursing Profession

Discussion: NURS 6003 Nursing Profession

Discussion: NURS 6003 Nursing Profession


My desire to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner has grown over the course of two years as a registered nurse. I intend to work with children and adolescents who are suffering from mental illnesses. Walden’s mission, as an institution with a diverse community, is related to my academic goals of becoming a Nurse-Practitioner. “Walden University offers a diverse community of career professionals the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners capable of affecting positive social change.” (2011). It is critical in the nursing field for nurses and nurse practitioners to be able to adapt to different communities and people from various backgrounds. I discovered that learning about different cultures is a great way to adapt to diversity. Being educated on a different cultural background also aids in the delivery of high-quality patient care. Walden University, as a university with a diverse community, has a positive impact on our academic careers.

“To provide an inquiry/action model of education that fosters research, discovery, and critical thinking and that results in professional excellence.” (2011). Research, critical thinking are daily components of being in the health care field. Researching helps advance the health care field by discovering new methods and exploring the reasoning behind different aspects. Critical thinking is the backbone of nursing. We are constantly critical thinking in complex situations to ensure our patients receive the quality care they deserve.

Walden MSN program outcomes and perspectives relate to my goal of becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner by evaluating the health needs of diverse populations based on my nursing knowledge to help prevent illness and manage their health. As it is the year 2021, networking is critical in almost any and every field. I have learned how critical it is and how many positions I have been offered from the gift of networking.” “Both Yale University and Cornell University cite the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) when claiming that 70% of all jobs are found through networking.” (Schmidt, 2018)  Networking in the academic field of a Nurse Practitioner is a crucial component not only for the preceptorship aspect of being in the program but also for landing a position after graduate school. In addition, networking is a brilliant way to engage with people. “Tens of millions of people use the internet, and social media is where you can find potential partners, mentors, and collaborations.” (Wofford, 2018)

As an LVN for over 16 years, I had the opportunity to pursue my passion and work in an area where I could make a difference. My path to becoming a Registered Nurse was not easy, but I was able to complete it a year ago with the assistance of my current work colleagues and my perseverance. Prior to starting school, I worked for five years as a case manager for people with intellectual disabilities and as a clinical care provider for those with mental illnesses. The event enabled me to envision a different future for this community, particularly for those who face cultural health disparities. My goal is to diversify the sector and provide treatment to those who may not receive culturally competent care, resulting in poor outcomes and a lower quality of life.

After years of exploring numerous institutions to meet my personal situation, I discovered Walden University.

I decided this was the school for me after networking and connecting with Walden personnel.

The university’s dedication to delivering “rigorous and culturally appropriate education for diverse groups of professionals” aided my decision (Walden University, 2021, paragraph 2).

I am passionate about providing culturally competent care to a varied community while also reforming the current healthcare system to benefit all.

Walden University College of Nursing’s (2021) mission is to launch learner-centered programs that incorporate students’ skills and abilities, which has encouraged and improved my confidence in my decision to further my education.

Networking Opportunities

XX is my name. In the state of New Jersey, I am a Registered Nurse. I am currently pursuing an MSN (FNP) degree. In my quest to become a scholar-practitioner, Walden University has proven to be the best fit for my current step in this career path. Walden University’s goals and mission align with my ideologies and desires. As a health practitioner, you should learn skills that will help you solve problems and make the world a better place. This is Walden University’s mission statement (Walden University, 2011a). Its graduates should be released into the community equipped with the knowledge instilled in them by the institution in order to advance the greater global good.

The mission statement of Walden University emphasizes the ability of the diverse professionals who graduate from the institution to effect positive change in society (Walden University, 2011a). Positive change in health care is measured, among other things, by patient outcomes. As a result, I intend to expand my knowledge at Walden in order to improve the outcomes of my patients, albeit in a positive way. Furthermore, one of Walden University’s goals is to provide innovative programs that are in line with current societal needs (Walden University, 2011b). As a health practitioner, for example, I look forward to being able to provide my patients with the most current and effective management rather than relying on old and potentially outdated guidelines.

Nursing and other medical disciplines rely heavily on evidence-based practice. The institution’s goal at Walden is to provide learning through a variety of approaches, including evidence-based practice (Walden University, 2011b). I am looking forward to meeting all of the university outcomes as they are published by the institution. Above all, I hope to be able to affect positive change in the profession and society after completing the program.


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