Discussion: NLN Nurse Teaching Plan Paper

Discussion: NLN Nurse Teaching Plan Paper

Discussion: NLN Nurse Teaching Plan Paper


In the contemporary society, the inherent pursuit of advanced education is often pivoted on upwards mobility where a given profession is concerned. However, in order for the individuals in question to garner the prerequisite skills and become knowledgeable in the field or career line they have selected, it is quite imperative that they have unrestricted access to a wide range of tools. Having the tools at their disposal would serve a pivotal role in ascertaining that the people in question become not only knowledgeable and effective but also efficient on the undertaking on which they are embarking. By so doing, they have the opportunity to improve their knowledge base and workplace environment by bolstering their competence levels. This text will provide a succinct discussion of the academic resources; academic tutor/professor, Walden Library, google scholar/internet worldwide, the local library and how they can be applied to ensure success in the nursing practice in general or in a specialty.


Academic Resource/Strategy 1

Academic Tutor/ Professor

Academic tutors or professors serve as one of the crucial resources on which the MSN program can be reliant. The reason is mainly due to the dire fact that they are experienced in their line of work and are sure to equip the learners with the skills that would not only help them handle examinations and assessments given to them but also effectively handle their career lives as it is expected of them by their future employers. Considering the teaching experience they have mastered over the years, they would play a pivotal role in the MSN program.

Academic Resource/Strategy 2

Walden University Library

The above-mentioned is a distinguished learning institution that offers courses both at the institution and through online learning platforms. On the same note, Walden University has a top-notch library that is accessible to the students both at the campus and via online links. As such, the institution makes it quite easy for learners to access both relevant and important information pertaining to their MSN programs in a timely fashion (Walden University Writing Center, n.d). Since the university is renowned for its excellence in as far as academic matters are concerned, chances are that the same would be displayed in matters regarding the undertaking and completion of MSN programs.

Academic Resource/Strategy 3

Google Scholar or Internet World Wide

The world-wide internet can be used to access a wide range of information that would be essential in the due process of undertaking MSN programs. On the same note, for the students to access the online learning platforms provided to them by the institution in which they have enrolled for the MSN programs, they will need access to the internet (ANA Enterprise, n.d.). In addition, MSN programs require access to information that is not only applicable to the line of study but also relevant to it. Therefore, since google scholar is an accredited website that is distinguished for being the leading source of scholarly journals and articles, it may be applicable to the MSN program.

Professional Resource/Strategy 1

The International Council of Nurses

The above-mentioned council is one that is operated by nurses and has the obligation of serving to ascertain the provision of global sound health policies and quality nursing care. Therefore, the role played by the council would be pivotal in ascertaining success in the nursing practice in general or in a specialty (Laureate Education, 2012).

Professional Resource/Strategy 2

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario in Canada

            The association above is endeared towards championing the welfare of nurses and spearheading the provision of quality nursing care. Therefore, it serves as a professional resource that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or in a specialty.

Professional Resource/Strategy 3

Psychiatry Mental Health Nurse Practioner

The psychiatry mental health nurse practitioner provides a detailed overview of the activities undertaken by nurses in the field of psychiatry. The overview provides those undertaking MSN programs a succinct comprehension of the activities they are expected to handle in the future thus serves as a professional resource that can be used to attain success in nursing practice.


Local Library

Local libraries often allow students to undertake research on the various courses they are pursuing at either minute fees or entirely free. In addition, they provide a serene and ambient environment that is essential for studying and comprehension. By so doing, the local library ensures the success of the nursing practice in question on a professional resource basis.


            As succinctly portrayed in the instances above, the MSN program heavily relies on both academic and professional resources to attain success by being applied in the nursing practice or specialty in general. The resources above-mentioned herein are intended to be used with the sole aim of harnessing the prerequisite information that would be essential in undertaking the MSN program. By so doing, they will be beneficial both academically and professionally.


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