BIOL 398N Week 4 Topic 2: Role Play Assignment & Discussion

Hello class,

I am Larry a Bird Biologist and wind energy engineer in Iowa working on projects to use wind energy in the safest manner to protect birds and make cheap energy. Birds play a large role in our environments for example they hunt over populated small creatures, they pollinate plant life. They also cause little harm to our environment although they are being treated by windmills, but wind mills are a cheap method for us to make nearly carbon neutral energy to power our great nation. Bats do more than even I thought for the environment.

Unlike larger birds the bats kill insects and I mean a lot of insects including mosquitos which care a multitude of deadly diseases like west nile, and zika to describe a few. Bats eat enough pests by them selves to save more than $1billion dollars worth of crop damage a year yes you read that right and this is only in the corn industry (Celley,2021). Now imagine how much they save all agriculture well I have an answer it is $3 billion dollars worth of crop damage is saved by bats (Celley,2021). Now they don’t only eat pests but some drink nectar and seeds leading to about 95% of the seed dispersal making forests grow larger and fuller. Now you see the good this weird looking little creatures do for us as a society, but we are there number one threat with wind mills. Not only are there strikes from the turbines we also destroy there homes to build the mills, and the farms disrupt their migration pattern killing them off.

Iowa has nothing a lot of corn fields which means bats save Iowa alone millions of dollars in pesticides and as well as crop damage from insects that without bats would destroy whole fields full of crop. So why would we build wind farms if the bats save so much of our crops why damage there populations? Well that’s why I am here to make sure we can use both while damaging none which is doable. Iowa needs windmills it makes up 105 megawatts of power and over twenty-five percent of the states power grid and it is cheap, it only costs the initial cost to build and then maintain the units (Inspire Clean Energy,2022). The habit was mostly saved in this great state, because most mills are built in open fields that Iowa has a lot of.

Now bats are small creatures and it can be extremely windy in the open fields of Iowa leading to higher spinning blades creating high pressure which will disrupt the bats internal organs killing them. The problem is that windmills are not really controlled they more or less run on the wind meaning they cant be slowed down so when they spin this fast causing the pressure there isn’t much we can do.

Now bats aren’t the only birds killed by the wind turbines Eagles and Hawks are also hit by spinning blades of the massive wind turbines. Now the eagles specifically are part of the Endangered Species Act which makes them protected and the deaths of them are often times investigated. Being part of this act requires builders to meet specific criteria when building mills and really any structure which disrupt the and harm an already diminishing population. Now at this time if an eagle whether bald or golden or endangered bat species is injured or killed the company will be fined and prosecuted under federal law. A new law is being petitioned called the “Mid American Energy’s Permit” this would allow a small number of protected species deaths (Schmidt,2018).

There intention of this would be to change how they operate to protect the species they will change the way the mills operate for example it would take more wind to spin the turbine hopefully less interrupting the bats and birds. This will of course minimize the amount of energy produced but only minimally. Another plan they have would be to create a conservation fund for both eagles and the bat populations. A method of preventing bird strikes is looking into their vision birds of prey are very binocular focused and don’t have good flight vision. Knowing this scientist have started to paint the turbine blades black so they stick out to the birds and they can better see them. Scientist plan to use gps trackers to monitor how the birds react around the painted black versus how they act around non painted typical white blades (Gauld,2022).

To conclude we need to save bird populations while also saving our resources and being as close to carbon neutral as possible starting with power. Wind is a great resource that is never ending and a low maintenance alternative that has very little negative effects to our habitat and society. From my research we are on a great path forward to ensure less bats and other birds are cared for a conserved. This is includes efforts to make the wind mills as bird safe as possible which is a start the ultimate goal would be to ensure that gets to zero.


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