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Starting the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree at this time leads one to having several questions and concerns on their ability to manage, especially as online student in the midst of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).  While continual learning is critical and one of the key findings of the Institute of Medicine report in 2010 on nursing profession, it presents challenges and concerns that one must consider and explore effective strategies that include having teams and network of individuals that can help in navigating the issues. Continuous learning is important in ensuring the best outcomes for patients and effective care delivery (Chang et al., 2018). It also provides an excellent opportunity for one to explore interests and even become a specialized and recognized expert in certain specialties and field of study. As I enroll on the MSN program, I find myself full of questions, concerns and even doubts that require effective strategies to overcome to attain my professional goals.

Questions and Strategies to Addressing Them

My first question is the need for enough time to attend to my online classes and if I will have a relapse that will require more time for the program or not. Secondly, how long shall I take to complete my clinical hours or time is a question that require effective advice from my preceptor or academic advisor. I believe that my student success advisor can offer enough information about the length of time that I will require to complete the clinical hours. The third question is about my preceptor since having an effective and committed preceptor is essential to finishing my program. The university requires a qualifying preceptor to submit their information and credentials to see if they meet the set criteria (ANA, n.d). I believe that I should present two professional contacts to the university upon engaging them to see if they will be accepted and one picked to help me in choosing the areas that I shall practice during the course. The next question is about finding a new job or continuing with where I practice and if based on my advanced education and training, I shall be considered for any promotions or new positions (Threatt, 2020). I believe that I will address the issue by doing effective research on different areas that I can work as a nurse practitioner based on my qualifications and specialty.

Concerns & Addressing Them

A core concern that I have is the viability and my ability to complete this online course since many people prefer the traditional classroom environment. I am concerned that I may not have effective motivation, focus, and commitment to complete my MSN due to time issues. However, based on the learning resources, time management and planning are critical resources that can help students, especially in online courses to succeed (Ghiasvand et al., 2017). The implication is that I will set aside time for my classes and incorporate it as part of my daily schedule to ensure that I am effective in completing my MSN course. As a nurse practitioner, I am trained to manage time well based on scheduling and if this may become a challenge, I will try to adjust accordingly to create enough time to attend my lessons. For instance, creation of a detailed schedule plan, and more critically, adhering to it and having flexibility can enhance my overall success. The implication is that I must address these questions and concerns in a manner that allows me to attain my professional development goals and success in the MSN program.



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