Assignment 1: Practicum Site Information PRAC 6665

Assignment 1: Practicum Site Information PRAC 6665

Assignment 1: Practicum Site Information PRAC 6665

Assignment 1: Practicum Site Information

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Prior to starting the course, you should have applied for a practicum site following the
guidelines for psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) practice. Now it is
time to make it official. For this Assignment, you provide your Clinical Faculty with
information about your practicum site, your Preceptor, and your clinical calendar.
To Prepare
 Verify that your practicum application has been approved by logging in to
 Access the Practicum Site Information Form from the Learning Resources.
The Assignment
Complete the designated areas of the Practicum Site Information Form, including your
practicum site and contact information, your Preceptor and contact information, and a
schedule of when you plan to engage in practicum activities onsite.

By Day 2 of Week 1
Submit your completed Practicum Site Information Form.
Submit Your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 1

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To participate in this Assignment:
Week 1 Assignment 1

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Learning Resources

Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. (2018). CPT code training module.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners. (2019). Discussion paper: Standards of
practice for nurse practitioners.

American Psychiatric Association. (2020). Coding and reimbursement.

American Psychiatric Nurses Association. (2013). Population-focused nurse practitioner
Note: Review the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Competencies.

International Council of Nurses. (2020). Guidelines on advanced practice nursing 2020.

Note: Use this link to log into Meditrek to report your clinical hours and
patient encounters.

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. (2017). Nurse practitioner core
competencies content.

Walden University Academic Skills Center. (2017). Developing SMART goals.

Walden University Field Experience. (2020a). Field experience: College of Nursing.

Walden University Field Experience. (2020b). MSN nurse practitioner practicum manual.

Walden University Field Experience. (2020c). Walden University School of Nursing:
Practicum orientation and resource guide for students: MSN—nurse practitioner.

Document: Practicum Site Information Form (Word document)

Document: PMHNP Clinical Skills List (PDF)

Document: PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form (Word document)

Practicum Manual Acknowledgment
The Practicum Manual describes the structure and timing of the classroom-based and
practicum experiences and the policies students must follow to be successful in the nurse
practitioner (NP) specialties.
 Field Experience: MSN Nurse Practitioner Practicum Manual

Click here and follow the instructions to confirm you have downloaded and read the entire
MSN Nurse Practitioner Practicum Manual and will abide by the requirements described
in order to successfully complete this program.

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